Connecting Within ~ Meditations to help during this time of uncertainty

No hiding here

I know I can’t hide with you”…

When I heard that there was a quick moment of remembrance from several years ago when I felt “wrong” when being told I was deep. That people may feel intimidated and therefore choose to engage with others instead, engaging in lighter things.

As a result, there have been many times I’ve thought about sharing something but I’ve held back. Not in a conscious way, thinking people will think it’s too deep. It’s been more about not wanting to make people uncomfortable.

Over the past month or so I’ve been thinking more about this. More about saying things that I believe are important for our collective emotional well-being even if it does make people feel something they’d rather not feel…

When it’s possible it may be something that causes their shield of denial, avoidance, or bypassing (which is a combination of denial and avoidance) to crack wide open.

The quote above about not being able to hide was said in the workshop I led this weekend on my book, Deeply Rooted. After the initial moment of remembrance, a wave of YES! came through. A feeling of connecting within, to my truth. A moment of recognition to trust myself. (Thank you C! 😉 )

Hiding, denying, avoiding, or bypassing rarely serves any of us in our adult lives. There was a time we needed these ways of coping. For some, you may still need it (and there is no shame in this). But, for most of us, these ways of coping were learned to survive as children, to be ok in the face of difficulty or trauma. As adults, we have the ability and capacity to face things we may not have been able to acknowledge before.

One of the prompts in Deeply Rooted is about ways we believe we are “too much” of something… about honoring that maybe what may seem like too much may be exactly what we need to honor to show up in the way we were meant to show up in the world. Who the world needs us to be.

Hi, I’m Peggy and my superpower is helping you stop hiding… to bring to light the wounded parts of yourself so you may access the healing you deserve so you can stand rooted fully and proudly in your superpower.

As we each stand fully in our power, we change the world!

Let’s stand together. ❤

What is your superpower? What is something you’ve felt or been told you are “too much” of? What if that is exactly what WE need?

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