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An unexpected path ~ a new road for Courageous Journeys

It is with a heavy heart and very mixed emotions, I have made the decision to take a hiatus from Courageous Journeys.  At least from doing in-person, ongoing therapy.

Putting that in writing I find myself experiencing the heaviness (hmm, I wonder if that's where that expression heavy heart comes from) and pressure in my chest that shows up when I’m feeling particularly anxious about something.  The same feeling I experienced as I told my clients I would be leaving.

When I left my practice and my clients in Illinois it was one of the most difficult things I had ever experienced….for a few reasons.  However I was moving to an incredible part of the country where the sun almost always shines and I knew I would never have to worry about scraping ice off my car again 🙂 .  And maybe more importantly, I knew I would start Courageous Journeys here, in Arizona.

I didn’t anticipate I would be doing it again.  Especially so soon.  It isn’t any easier this time around.  In some ways, for me personally, it’s actually a little more difficult.  The truth is, I’m not sure what the future for Courageous Journeys will look like.

In fact, all I know right now is I will stop seeing clients in mid March and will be packing up and heading to Florida about a week later where we will be staying in a vacation rental for 2 months.  Literally, there is no plan beyond that. Other than I will be taking a year (?) off.

I’m realizing it may seem this decision was not mine or is something I’m not happy about.  As I said, I have very mixed emotions about it.  It is a decision my husband and I made together and, when I think only about my personal life, I am very happy about.

First, who wouldn’t love to be able to take a year off of work, hang out at the beach, and travel??  I am very lucky.  We will be closer to family, which will make a lot of things so much easier.  There are also some things about Florida specifically.  We have (had) a military macaw we recently took to a bird sanctuary there to be “free”, we have a new baby in the family, and of course, there’s the ocean.

It is the professional part of me that is having difficulty.  I imagined I would have my practice, seeing clients here until it was time to retire.  Then, hopefully maintaining the practice with therapists who became a part of Courageous Journeys.

You know how sometimes things seem to come up in your life you might not prefer, but end up being “blessings in disguise”?  Or maybe the idea that when one door closes, another opens?  I am choosing to see this experience as one of those times for me professionally.

While I will not be seeing clients, I do plan to maintain my website,  Since I will have more free time I am also hoping to write more.  The truth is, while I am struggling with letting my practice and my clients go, I am also excited to see how things may unfold.

There are a few different avenues I’ve been thinking about and I would love your feedback to help guide me in the direction to take Courageous Journeys.

As I mentioned, I am planning to write more.  I have also thought about doing therapeutic intensives (a weekend of in person very focused therapeutic work).  I am also considering a way to do live “chats” around different topics.

How do you think Courageous Journeys could be beneficial going forward?  Anything you’d like to see happen?  It can be something completely different than what I mentioned.  Any topics you think might be helpful to discuss either in a blog post or “chat”?

Though I will not be working with clients individually, my original goal for Courageous Journeys is the same…to provide hope for healing.  To help you see there is more to your life than you may have ever imagined….to help people discover their true potential.

Please feel free to weigh in with any comments or suggestions.  I want this to be a place of support and information.  That happens best when I know what you find supportive and/or informative 😉 .

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4 comments on “An unexpected path ~ a new road for Courageous Journeys”

  1. I know that feeling your are talking about. However I know you will do well in whatever you do. I love the idea of a weekend intensive therapy. I just have to figure out how to do it....and with my resourcefulness, don't be surprised that I sign up for one some day. Live chats would be awesome. Specific topics each time would be great. Possibly do a learning series of coping skills for those struggling. I'm happy for you but at the same time I know how your clients are feeling but will do well because you are awesome at providing your clients with a solid base to stand on their own. Look forward to hearing what your plans will include once you get settled in Florida. 🙂

    1. Thanks Tracy! I really appreciate you taking the time to provide such great feedback. I'm pretty excited about the possibility of live many potential discussions 🙂

  2. Hello Peggy,

    I'm a former client from Illinois. I'm not sure why I decided to look you up and see how Courageous Journeys is doing in Arizona, I just read your post about leaving and moving to Florida. I know that you were very helpful to me during a time in my life and I would encourage you to continue providing counseling in any manner that feels right to you. People seek help in many different ways and whether you are providing face to face, video chats or through the written word you are providing much needed support. Good luck to you as your journey moves you to the sunshine state.

    1. Hi Jeannine,

      It's so nice to hear from you! I hope you are doing well. Thanks so much for your kind words. It was actually you who first brought up the option of doing Skype to me. While it has taken me a while to get on board with the idea (some clinical issues I was concerned with), I think I'm ready to do it 🙂 . Take care!

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