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Believing in your ability to heal

Happy New Year!  This year @ Courageous Journeys it’s all about letting go and opening to possibilities.  Today’s video is about recognizing the incredible strength, resilience, and determination already within you…helping you believe in your power to get through the difficulty of healing…or anything else life might throw your way.

I’d love to hear your reaction to the video and for you to share what your triumphs and fears have been in your own process.

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8 comments on “Believing in your ability to heal”

  1. Hello everyone, I just wanted to say these videos have really helped me. I have been thinking about therapy for about 2 years. I finally had the courage recently and made contact with a person. I was really scared and nearly cancelled a few times. The thing that stopped me was finding Peggy's videos on YouTube and website. I have now begun therapy and at times feel soooo much better. I have gained a bit of understanding about my behaviours and why I have felt like this all my life. I have still got a long way to go and still have a lot of questions before I can fully let go but knowing other people feel the same gives me hope as I thought I was totally alone in the way I feel. I have recently had some new flashbacks and thoughts of wanting to go back or to stop therapy. Peggy's videos have become my new coping mechanism instead of the normal avoid or even denial I would do before. Don't get me wrong I still use my old ways but sometimes I almost stop and admit to myself that you are avoiding feeling right not or you are trying to make excuses so you don't have to feel right now. I have only realised in the last week that this is progress. Thank you Peggy. Xxx

  2. Hello Kerry,

    Welcome to Courageous Journeys! Thank you so much for taking the time to watch the videos and comment. I am honored to know there is something I shared that helped you decide to follow through with therapy. Best of luck to you as you continue your journey. If you haven't checked us out on FB, we'd love to you have you join us!

  3. Hi Peggy. Can I just say how amazing you are and you are an inspiration to me and so many of us. Am just starting my journey to healing and it hasn't been easy. Am more confused as to how I should be feeling / what at the moment. I started my counselling after I decided to go to the police after 19 years. The police were informed when I was younger but I couldn't or didn't want to go through with it as I didn't have the support from my mum. She continued to see him for months after. So I detached myself from her. Years later when I was 21 I found out she had Parkinson disease 2003 and Dementia abit later. She past away 2013 and I never got to tell her I'd forgiven her for not believing me and she never said she did belive me. And now am not sure If I have grieved for her properly even though I miss her truly and wish she was still here with me. It's like I've not had a mum since It started when I was maybe 11 and it stopped when I 13 and am 34 this year. Before all this happen we had a great relationship and I was so happy till everything fell apart and I was being abused by her boyfriend. But I kept it to myself until I was questioned by the abusers sister and she said he'd done the same to her when she was younger. And thats how it came out in the end. But my mum carried on seeing him for months. Its now in the hands of the police and his sister is making a statement as well. Also my dad who wasn't on the since at the time has told me that she once told him what had happen but wouldn't give a name and she was scared and wanted to protect me when she left him due to him beating her for months. Which made me feel overwhelmed the other week when he told me and I wouldn't have found out if I hadn't ask him to give a statement as I knew she'd told him when I was 15 but nothing was said to me then apart from that he knew what happen. I now feel like am in limbo and not sure where I go from here as to healing and letting go or how am feeling. And has or could this effected my relationship with my own children by distancing myself from them emotionally. As I feel I have done. Or I do sometimes. But i love them and would protect them from anything.
    Is this all normal and am I on the path to healing. One thing I don't do is make excuses for either of them or blame myself.

    Thank you xx

    1. Welcome, Angela! Thanks so much for taking the time to comment and your very kind words. You end by asking if you are normal. Yes, you absolutely are. 😉

      I'm so glad to hear you have begun your healing journey. It is a process and there are a lot of ups and downs. It's very easy to sometimes think and feel you were doing better before you started. You talked about your relationship with your mother and her death. This is often a very complicated aspect of healing. There are many layers to grieve and heal.

      Best of luck to you as you navigate this ongoing process. Remember, you are not alone. If you haven't checked us out on Facebook, we have an amazing tribe of Courageous Warriors who share and connect. I'd love to have you join us. You can find us @

  4. Great video. I have been in therapy for a few years now working through CSA & it has been a hard journey! I was diagnosed with PTSD (or what my therapist calls CPTSD), which I wish had made into the DSM 5. I have dealt with all the symptoms you talked about & dissociation. I am finally feeling like I am making progress!! Thank goodness found an amazing therapist. Thank you for all you do to help end the stigma of mental illness.

    1. Hi Mihchal.
      Thanks so much for taking the time to comment. I'm glad you were able to connect with the video. Congratulations on finding a therapist you feel great about.

  5. I work in a gp practice as a mental health nurse,i chose ro really work with a psychologist nnot just keep me safe for 21 yrs with my psychiatrst. My gp also started seeing same psychologist and i agreed he wasnt to refer any one,well yes he did and after a really crappy session i walked out into the waiting room to see my pt.i dissasociated in the car,dont know how i got home and then chose to cut all my hair off. Actually really came close to active suicide. Ive stopped work with all my therapists and too scared to start again. Ive gone back on my seroquel to keep me safe.i feel to scared to start again

    1. Hi Sally,
      I apologize for the delay in my response. I hope you don't give up on finding the support you need and deserve. I'm not sure what may have felt particularly overwhelming about seeing someone you knew as you walked out but often it may be related to shame being triggered. I'm not sure if "pt" refers to patient but whoever it was, there is nothing to be ashamed of in seeing a psychologist or getting therapy. It may actually help that person know they are not alone and there is no shame in seeking help.

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