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Celebrating Social Work Month

Are you asking yourself…why and what is Social Work month? If so, I’m glad you asked.  I’m happy to take this opportunity to tell you. But first, what image or idea comes to mind when you hear or think social work or social worker?  Well there you go.  That’s why 😉 .  Social Work Month […]

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I've been accepted....

well, technically this blog has been accepted, in to the Mental Health Writer's Guild.  It is a compilation of blogs related to various aspects of mental health, many written by people who have struggled themselves in some way.  Additionally, they work to end the stigma around mental health issues.  Thank you to all of you […]

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Opening up

My first video blog!  You know the saying….you never know until you try, well here we go.  In an effort to be more consistent with posting, I have decided to step outside of my comfort level and do a video.  It’s much easier for me to talk than to write 😉 . In this first […]

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Using gratitude to become more present

Being able to recognize the things you are grateful for or can be appreciative of can have a significant impact, not only on how you feel in the moment, but practiced consistently, your life.  I know that might seem a little dramatic, but research has shown that practicing gratitude can help with everything from suicidal […]

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Letting go....part 2

A year ago I blogged about expectations and letting go as a result of a session I had with a client then immediately after, having my own situation arise that I needed to let go of. It’s interesting how things come up in your life when you need a little reminder.  In my last blog […]

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Happy New Year!

It's been quite a while since I've posted on this blog.  One of my goals for this year is to be more consistent with it.  I think it's been a goal in previous years...but hey, it's never too late 😉 . Is it just because I’m getting older, or did 2012 seem to go by […]

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Domestic Violence Awareness Month...where's the awareness

As domestic violence awareness month comes to a close I am disappointed and frustrated with the local and national media.  Throughout the month there has been story after story of a domestic violence situation, some ending in death.  While the news media reported on the shooting, stabbing, etc, not once did I hear them mention […]

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Characteristics of an Abuser

The following is a list of characteristics or behaviors that tend to be present in someone who is likely to engage in abusive behavior, either physically or emotionally.  It can be difficult to look at someone you love or care about and consider the possibility that he may be an abuser.  If you look at […]

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Impact of Abusive Relationships

Most people would agree that experiencing violence has an impact on a person beyond the physical wounds.  What many fail to recognize, including victims themselves, is the emotional impact long after the abuse has ended, both to the victim and the children who witness it. Over the past 10 years or so there has been […]

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