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Setbacks in therapy

Today’s vlog is a result of a question emailed to me (thanks! ;)).  Anyone who has worked with me knows I don’t consider setbacks a bad thing, or even consider them setbacks.  And they are certainly not evidence of your ability to heal/change. Let me know what you think.  What questions does this topic bring […]

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Fears & hurdles in therapy

In today's vlog I address some of the biggest concerns people tend to have when considering therapy, particularly for survivors of sexual abuse.  It certainly isn't inclusive of all the fears people have, just some of the most common. What fears did/do you have about starting therapy?  Can you relate to some of the ones […]

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Healing sexual’s not always about the details

There is a very common fear idea when it comes to healing sexual abuse…that you must replay all the painful, embarrassing details of the abuse experienced.  In today’s vlog I talk about why that just isn’t true and what is necessary for healing. Do/did you have fears about sharing details?  Has the fear kept you from […]

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Saying goodbye & the therapeutic relationship

A couple of years ago I wrote a blog post on my anonymous blog on the difficulty of ending a therapeutic relationship.  I wrote it because a client I had been working with at the time was moving out of state.  We had been working together for over a year.  While she made significant progress […]

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Tips for self-care

Self-care is something that is frequently discussed in therapy.  Most people are not very good at recognizing and taking care of their needs.  As a result, I often assign some type of self-care as homework for my clients. Recently, in a group I facilitate, I assigned it as homework for the group. As I met […]

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Feeling the feelings

Today's video blog is about moving through pain.  Why we have to acknowledge pain in order to feel more positive feelings. The only way around is through ~ Robert Frost.  While it can feel incredibly scary to take the risk of feeling, without it you may miss the most beautiful experiences of your life.

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Searching for a therapist

So you’ve made the decision to go to therapy.  Now you just need to find the right therapist. This can be one of he biggest obstacles to someone following through.  Who do I choose?  What do I look for?  What do all those letters mean after her name?  It really can be quite confusing and […]

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Healing from sexual abuse - part 8

Today is part 8 of stories of healing from sexual abuse.  This video is about what healing looks like in my life.  I welcome your comments.

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Healing from sexual abuse - part 7

Today’s post is the 7th story of healing for Sexual Assault Awareness Month. Remember, everyone’s journey is different.  This is meant to let people know that healing does happen and to identify all the different ways and all the different areas that your life can grow and change. ***Please be aware, the following is a […]

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