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Changing the way we think about the healing process

In today’s vlog I talk about a new way of imagining the healing process…hopefully to help you see it in a way that not only feels possible, but allows for a whole new experience. I hope you enjoy.

I’d love to hear your thoughts and reactions. Does it feel any less intimating? Can you see yourself there? Please consider commenting below.

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8 comments on “Changing the way we think about the healing process”

  1. i often feel like I am at the bottom and can't get to the top but hearing it again that you don't need to reach the top in one day helps. Sometimes I think I need to reach the top in one day and other times I fear I can never get to the top and I'll be stuck in the middle or the bottom. I did like the analogy used. Thanks for this video.

    1. Hi Rebecca,
      Thanks so much for taking the time to watch and comment. I know how it feels when it seems you're stuck in the either way, it's going to be really difficult. As long as you keep putting one foot in front of the other, you move towards healing.

  2. Thank you for this, I needed it. And it did make it so much easier to understand the healing.. and beliving in the "summit" makes me more hopeful. I think I know sortof where Im at right now, guessing. Really appreciated. Thank You Peggy!! Youre one of my heroes who I try to keep in my mind when Im down/failing.

  3. i have been struggling with my abuse for my whole life and i am 63 , i have been married 3 times and my marriage now has lasted 35 years , but not with out pain and depression , i am in another dark place i cant enjoy intimacy with my husband , probably really never have , i had multiple abusers in my childhood , i guess i have never really dealt with my abuse i just push it back down and go on like a robot that was programmed to service mens desires , i think i have had one true love in my life and we never had the chance to see if it was real , when i am having sex with my husband i some times pretend im with him , i have prayed , begged God to help me be a normal wife that loves her husband and enjoys being intiament with him but i always end up back here in the depths of darkness feeling angry , alone and hopeless

    1. Hi Nancy,

      Thank you for taking the time to watch and comment. I apologize for the delay in responding. I'm sorry you've been struggling so much. You are not alone in the ways you've been feeling. It's never too late to get the healing you deserve. Have you been able to find someone to support you through this yet? If not, I would encourage you to contact your local rape crisis center. They provide counseling and group support. You deserve to heal and have a beautiful relationship.

  4. Hi Peggy
    I m a child abuse survivor. I have kept it a secret for more than three decates. The abuse started at the age of three. Each cell in my body still remember it. The abuse has stuck me in different stages of my life. Shame has controlled all my actions. Blame has always been present. I have been sabotaging myself and destroying mysrlf for something I m not responsible for. Shame and blame hand in hand have nurtured fear and doubts. I have hated myself, my body, my deed even the words I utter. Ihave always thought that I m disgusting, unlovable and inaprochable. I have never been able to have a boy friend or a lover. If it happens Aman touches me by coincidence I become furious. Last, year the burden was about to crash me. Therefore, I decided to start the voice dialogue therapy. It was the first time I revealed my secret at my psychotherapist office. I collapsed. Thanks to that therapy I have now a voice, I met my inner child or the girl I was. She is innocent. She has never been responsible for what happened. However, the journey is still too long.
    I still feel unable to getting married and having kids. My mind always refusing to be touched by someone.
    How can I change my way of thinking?

    1. Hi Fatim,

      Thank you so much for taking the time to comment. I'm so glad you've begun your journey and are finding some healing. There are many aspects and steps to healing. Learning to feel safe in the context of a romantic relationship can take quite some time. It's an incredibly vulnerable place to be. As you continue to heal this level of safety will unfold somewhat naturally. It may be helpful to think about different survivors os abuse you may know who've found safety and love in a relationship to help you see it is possible.

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