Connecting Within ~ Meditations to help during this time of uncertainty

Connecting to our inherent happiness

How often have you said to yourself "when this or that thing happens, I'll be happy" or maybe "I'll never be happy because of this or that thing"?

My first memory was around the age of 5 when I thought "when my biological parents come for me I'll be happy". (Of course, nobody was coming for me. My biological parents were the ones I lived with. I just wanted to be saved from the life and unhappiness I was experiencing so the fantasy of a different life was born)

There are far too many other times to count when I laid my happiness at the door of something more, something I would attain or experience at some point in the future.

There were also times when I thought I could never get there because I didn't deserve to be happy.

Can you relate?

The idea I share here isn't new. The proverb "the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence" is dated back to 1545.

What is different now, with 24/7 access to various forms of media and social media, is the constant barrage of messaging (implicit and explicit) of all the things that will or should make us happy.

Yet, we are more disconnected, stressed, and trapped in comparison than probably any other time in our lives.

Happiness does't exist outside of us. Yes, there are things or experiences that can add to our happiness but, if we aren't directly connected to it within our existence, it fades quickly if experienced at all.

We experience our inherent happiness when we are able to release and heal all that which has kept its energy from being felt.

When we heal the idea we're not enough as we are.

When we heal the wounds of betrayal leaving us believing we are unworthy.

When we release shame which has never been ours.

When we are able to do this, as all the wounded energy dissipates, we create space for the energy of happiness to emerge within our body, mind, and soul.

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2 comments on “Connecting to our inherent happiness”

  1. I have always distrusted happy moments,I was never sure how to react, I didn't recognise the feelings. Lately I,ve started to explore all my emotions and try and give them names. I can feel sadness, anger, hurt and yes, happiness. I,m starting to allow myself to feel without fear. I know I'm more than just an existence and can find moments of happiness in the quiet space of my mind. I'm a work in progress but I feel full of hope. Thankyou for all your wise words Peggy.

    1. Thanks so much for reading and sharing your thoughts. I can so relate to distrusting those moments of happiness. I'm glad you're allowing yourself to connect with all your feelings, including, or maybe, especially hope. <3

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