Connecting Within ~ Meditations to help during this time of uncertainty

Connecting with your truth... with your soul's essence

When was the last time you looked at yourself in the mirror? I’m amazed at what I noticed the last time I did… when did THAT happen?? (I’ll share in a moment 😉 )

I’m not talking about a quick glance. Nor as an opportunity to remind yourself of all the things you dislike.

But to really SEE yourself.

One of the seven days of the Gratitude Challenge I just led was about honoring and appreciating your body.

While not surprising, it was sad to hear the ways so many of them dislike, or even hate their bodies. The ways they feel their body has betrayed them or let them down. How they (we) can think about nearly any aspect (appearance or ability) of their body with disappointment or loathing.

Can anybody say “me too”? I know I’ve been there. I’m still there some days. Especially if I’m going to be wearing a swimsuit. 😉

So. Much. Healing. To. Do. … as individuals and collectively.

I took a selfie recently to identify what was bothering my eye. I zoomed in and thought what the hell!?

My eyes are NOT brown. When did that happen??

Apparently it’s been that way for… well, maybe forever, a few years. I have no idea. There have been a few times when people commented on the color of my eyes but didn’t think too much about it. I know if it’s bright they appear lighter.

It made me think about how I look in the mirror everyday but never really SEE the human I’m looking at. I never take the time to connect with the person staring back at me.

While there was quite a bit of struggle with the challenge in identifying what they appreciate about their bodies and at first sharing all the negative things that came to mind, the more they wrote the easier it became to look (think) beyond the automatic thoughts and reactions.

It was beautiful to witness.

When you have a few moments today, go look at yourself in the mirror. SEE the depth and beauty of your eyes… no matter the color, size, or shape. Smile and notice how it makes its way to your eyes. Appreciate the smoothness of the skin or the wrinkles you’ve earned by being the strong, courageous being you are.

What a beautiful gift to give yourself and the planet. <3

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