Connecting Within ~ Meditations to help during this time of uncertainty

Meditation is a practice of being present. And being present is an important aspect of healing.

When we are connected to the here and now we are not worrying about the future… an hour, a month, or a year from now. We are not replaying the past… the regrets, disappointments, or hurts.

From this place you create an opportunity to connect with what is true in the present moment.

Meditation, in whatever form it takes, is a powerful tool to help cultivate a lasting sense of calm, peace, and happiness.

I created this guided meditation album as a resource to help you connect within. To help create a foundation for connecting with the strength and goodness within you.

Connecting Within contains the following digital meditations to help heal your soul…
~Meditation for Deep Sleep
~Accepting & Honoring Yourself as You Are
~Learning to Honor & Love Your Body
~*BONUS meditation to cultivate a sense of safety and comfort in and around you ~ Creating Refuge

You can listen wherever and whenever your mind, body, or soul needs a little refuge and reminder of the truth of who you are. Download to your mobile device, digital music player, tablet, or computer.

I have also included a downloadable PDF guidebook with suggestions for using the meditations and for journaling to integrate the experience at a deeper level and help you Connect Within.


Meditation for Deep Sleep (32:20)
Accepting & Honoring Yourself as You Are (12:00)
Learning to Honor & Love Your Body (31:30)
BONUS meditation - Creating Refuge (31:25)
Guidebook (PDF)
Purchase for $7.87
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