Connecting Within ~ Meditations to help during this time of uncertainty

Courageous Connections and Healing

A virtual group for Survivors of childhood sexual abuse

A journey of connecting to your inner truth, honoring your courage, and healing your heart, mind, body, & soul

Welcome to this courageous journey! I am honored to journey with you as your guide.

Over our 12 weeks together we will navigate healing around issues related to betrayal, boundaries, and self-compassion.

Connection and healing will happen through our private facebook group, facebook lives, and group ZOOM calls. (ZOOM is a free video conferencing platform)

The private facebook group will be available upon sign-up. We will officially begin the journey on January 6th and end on March 29th.

ZOOM calls will be recorded and available to watch at your convenience on my website inside a page for our private group.

"Sister, open your heart, fling your hopes high and set your dreams aloft. I am here to hold your hand.”
Currently Unavailable

During our time together we will explore and heal issues related to... 

  • Betrayal ~this will include various aspects on the betrayal of abuse... the abuser, bystanders, and with disclosure (including mom, family, friends, partners). We will discuss impact & healing. I suspect relationships with mothers will be a significant piece.
  • Boundaries ~why we struggle with them, understanding/identifying what your boundaries are (this is often a big part of why they are so difficult), feeling confident in setting and maintaining them. Boundaries can be particularly challenging if there is an aspect of betrayal attached.
  • Self-compassion ~possibly the most important ability to cultivate and practice for this entire healing journey. We will likely discuss the pieces which make self-compassion so difficult like self-judgement, shame, guilt, etc as well as practices to cultivate self-compassion.

We'll connect and heal via...

  • Private FB group

  • At least one form of live connecting each week

  • Minimum of 2 live Q&A's per month

  • Live ZOOM (video) group calls with processing, connecting, and Q&A

  • Posts and/or videos sharing information on topics

  • "Courageous Connections" posts

  • And anything else I decide to share with you :)


  • $700 USD
  • or 4 monthly payments of $175
Currently Unavailable
Peggy Oliveira, MSW is a trauma therapist, speaker, mentor, & survivor.

Her soulful way of getting us to connect to our truth...pain, fears, dreams, and desires inspires us, with arms and hearts wide open, to look under the surface and honor the whisper of our soul.

Known as the Survivor Whisperer, she weaves her story of impact & healing from childhood sexual abuse with her 15+ years as a trauma therapist and advocate to inspire us to release what holds us back, and courageously step into the life we deserve.

Peggy is the founder of Courageous Journeys, a practice of guiding people on their Journey to Freedom through 1:1, online programs, and transformational healing retreats.
Courageous Journeys® and Survivor Whisperer® are registered Trademarks - Copyright 2021
All the information I share on this site is for informational and educational purposes only. Your participation on the site does not constitute a therapeutic relationship. If you are struggling and need immediate support, please contact RAINN @ or call your local emergency services.
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