Connecting Within ~ Meditations to help during this time of uncertainty

When your heart is centered in self-compassion, you become rooted in self-acceptance.

Imagine for a moment, the spaciousness that comes from an open heart and emotional freedom to live each day without fear of your imperfections or mistakes defining who you are.

This is the power of self-compassion. This is the journey of Deeply Rooted.

A mindful moment of self-compassion has the ability to shift self-doubt into embodied confidence, shame or guilt into grounded self-acceptance, and fear into eager anticipation.

Through mindfulness-based exercises, practices, journal prompts, and meditations you will begin to see and experience yourself through the lens… and heart of self-compassion.

Deeply Rooted is a guided journal with similar exercises I’ve used with clients over the years to help you authentically and deeply connect with self-compassion.

With plenty of journaling pages, you’ll be able to come back and explore each prompt in different moments. With each additional practice, the more deeply rooted your self-acceptance and healing become.

Deeply Rooted is available through online retailers in the US and internationally. For signed copies, click link below. (Signed copies currently available only within the US)

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