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DV Awareness Month 2014 #WhyIStayed

As most of you know October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month.  There has been a lot of discussion in the last several weeks due to the video of a professional football player hitting his wife and knocking her out.  On a side note, isn’t it interesting that the only way DV becomes a topic for everyone to discuss is when it involves a national athlete… though that’s a whole different issue… well, not really… okay, I digress 😉

One of the things that has come out of this is a social media campaign on #whyIstayed.  Since I was out of the country I missed much of this, but I thought it would be interesting to incorporate this idea into the blog for the month.

For the month of October I’d like to share stories of people who have lived through relationship violence, or are maybe experiencing it now, by identifying why you stayed in the relationship.  I know many of you will think what you experienced in your relationship doesn’t fit with the definition of DV or isn’t severe enough, or only happened one time, etc.  One time is all it takes and there are a multitude of behaviors/attitudes/words said that are abusive.  I’d like to hear your story no matter where you fall on the spectrum or the age in which you experienced it.

By far, more women/girls stay in abusive relationships than leave after the first incident.  The reasons are as vast as the complexities of DV.  One of the most significant is the sense of isolation and the fear of judgment.  By sharing your experience you may help someone recognize they are not alone and, quite possibly, hellp provide the hope and courage to leave.

You can send me your story via email with #whyIstayed and written permission to share on the blog.  It can be as short as a few sentences (though I suspect you might have much more to share 😉 ) or much longer.

Join me in continuing the discussion and providing support for the millions of people currently living in abusive situations, struggling with believing they are worthy of so much more, and letting go of self-blame.  I will be sharing my story soon.

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