Connecting Within ~ Meditations to help during this time of uncertainty

“From the withered tree…..a flower blooms” ~ zen saying

Take a moment….think about what that means to you.  “From the withered tree….a flower blooms”.  Do you notice a picture in your mind?  Do you feel it resonating somewhere within?  If a picture came to mind, what did you see?  Is the focus more on the withered tree or did the flower get your attention?  If it resonated within, where did you feel it?

If you identify more with the tree, you are not alone.  I’ve had many clients who have spent years of their lives feeling a little like a “withered tree”.  Just trying to survive another day.  Waiting for a reprieve.  Having little hope that anything will ever really change.

But, somewhere within, there is a part that recognizes a little bud trying desperately to push through.  You may not be able to see or feel its existence, but it is there.  It is that part that has kept you going.  It is that part that gets people to go to therapy, even if they’re not really sure it will help.  Especially, if they’ve already tried therapy before.

Through understanding how you see yourself, you can begin the process of identifying the little “bud” within you.  I assure you it’s there.  It’s just been waiting for the safest conditions to bloom.  What type of flower might you be?

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5 comments on ““From the withered tree…..a flower blooms” ~ zen saying”

  1. That's it.....I found that "bud" within, and it is blooming. I love how I am seeing the flower begin to unfold. How I can feel myself coming to life with each step I take. Too many years I was that "withered tree", and I am so fortunate that I have received the therapy I needed to help me begin that journey of healing.

    Wow.....this was very powerful

  2. I picture my destroyed plants, yes, several of them, in the yard that my dog ate! I think, well, I guess I won't buy any more plants. Then, all of a sudden, some new growth appears! That little plant-a lilac or butterfly or almond bush-kept trying. It's corny, but true. If you have the will to grow, anything is possible! You certainly should never give up! That is for sure. I started small. And now, since Peggy, I have gained confidence, happiness and even gained back my passion for working out!

  3. I consider myself blessed to finally understand that for every negative there is a positive, out of ugliness develops beauty, feeling good comes from having experienced pain. This is our circle of life; our ying & yang... So you are reading this in "Black & White"... Thank you Peggy for opening the closed..!

  4. For a long time, I am looking an post like such a topic. Now I have found it. Thank you for your sharing, man!

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