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Greetings from Plano

It’s been 12 days since I saw my last client and 5 days since I left my home. It doesn’t feel quite real yet. With such little time between leaving the practice, packing up the car, and getting on the road, at this point it kind of feels like a vacation...well, maybe not a vacation exactly.

We had to make a pitstop in Plano, Texas for a week because my husband has a training. It’s been an exercise of feeling unsettled and finding gratitude at the same time. (I’ve had a lot of practice with that lately 😉 ). When I first found out about the training I wasn’t particularly happy about staying in Texas for a wasn’t in the plan, and we know I like planning 😉 . Also, we have our 60 lb dog with us and staying in a hotel with her is not ideal.

Then, as he often does, my husband so helpfully pointed out the postive side...the timing was perfect and it was on the way. It’s amazing how things work out some times. The area is quite nice, it reminds me a little of home....with the exception of the clouds, the wind, the humidity, and the rain...we may even have severe weather in the next couple of days. Did I mention the humidity?!  After I did my hair yesterday I took the dog for a walk. I quickly remembered there really is no point 🙂 .

On the postive side, humidity is better for your skin, they have Panera, and we're in the central time zone. I also found a great doggie daycare for Mya a couple miles from the hotel.

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2 comments on “Greetings from Plano”

  1. As sad as you are at times....I am very jealous. For all the changes that I have been through, I have realized that things can be replaced and we can find comfort and safety in a new home. I am glad you are getting to experience Texas....that is where I am originally from...well far south in Texas, but have spent a lot of time in the Dallas area. Just be careful with the severe storms and find shelter when they tell you to, the storms can be very bad.

    Please be safe on the rest of your trip. Thinking and praying for you and your husband on this journey.

    1. Hi Tracy! Thanks for commenting. I'm really not sad overall. I have moments when I feel a sense of loss, much like I did a few years ago 🙂 , but mostly looking forward to see what will come next. Thanks for thinking of us as we continue our journey.

      I remembered you were from Texas. This is really my first time staying here. I had a training a few months ago in San Antonio but the weather was horrible so didn't get to experience much.

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