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Healing abuse through validation

Today’s vlog is a response to someone from YouTube requesting more information on what validation is, why it’s important, and how to get it.

I am so appreciative of everyone who takes the time to comment and ask questions in whatever way you do!

Do you feel you’ve received the validation you need?  In what ways did/do you experience validation?

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4 comments on “Healing abuse through validation”

  1. To be honest my very first experience of validation was watching one of your videos. It actually made me question what I was just accepting, or even denying in a way. It made me realise that no it was not ok, it was a big deal and caused some damage.
    It made me realised that I actually had wounds that needed healing. That that was ok and very necessary.
    I do like that you addressed the little voice that niggles in the back ground. 🙂

    1. Thanks Suzanne! I am both honored and saddened that I provided your first experience of validation. Honored to have had a part in your healing journey and saddened that you have lived your life to this point without having the pain and significance acknowledged...for both of these reason I found I had tears in my eyes as I read it.

      Those little voices are very crafty at making it difficult to believe in something different. 🙂

      Thanks again for commenting. I so appreciate your participation.

      1. I think I had, had such a negative experience, with trying to seek validation back in my younger years, that I really just believed them, that I was lying and making something out of nothing. It wasn't until I heard someone else say those words, express the feelings I had been feeling and telling me it is ok to feel the way I do, that I have the right too etc etc that I finally admitted it to myself. And allowed myself to opportunity to start the healing process. So don't be saddened, feel proud that you have changed someone's life course so amazingly. 🙂 I really connected with that first video and it really made me acknowledge a lot of things about myself.

    2. For some reason I can't reply directly to your last comment.
      Thank you, I do feel incredibly proud, and as I said, honored. However, I can also feel empathy for a little girl (you 😉 ) who deserved to be safe, protected, believed and was completely let down.

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