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Healing from sexual abuse - part 8

Today is part 8 of stories of healing from sexual abuse.  This video is about what healing looks like in my life.  I welcome your comments.

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2 comments on “Healing from sexual abuse - part 8”

  1. Wow, Peggy. That was amazing! i hope lots of people listen to your words. i totally agree with absolutely everything you said...not just because you were my therapist, but because even after all this time, i learned some new things about you that i agree with or that happened to me, too. i never thought i would be confident enough to stand up in front of a crowd and present training more than once every week for my career and be good at it. i never thought i could do it looking the way that i do...overweight, not perfect, etc. it doesnt matter, and i finally believe that. personality and how you treat people and your attitude mean more than how you look or what people think of you. i recently had someone i really liked at work completely shut me out. normally i would have been crushed and beat myself up about it. (i was upset) but i was able to say, well, i was doing my job, and if he is mad at me thats ok. (turned out he got over it no drama, no confrontation, i just left him alone until he got over it.

    please, everyone, believe you can be where peggy is (not literally, like she said, but confident and happy in your life). a short, funny, but true saying...fake it til you make it; or perception is reality. if you perceive yourself as awesome, capable, good, successful, then you are! and vice versa.

    1. Thank you so much Barb! I really appreciate you taking the time to watch and comment. Your example is a great representation of what healing looks like in normal life. I think there are many people who have learned, and use all the same tools I do, I've just been practicing for much longer 🙂

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