Connecting Within ~ Meditations to help during this time of uncertainty

Healing Intensive Retreat

(For Women)

This retreat is all about you. Your healing.

An opportunity for you to have the space, time, support, and freedom to release the mask… allowing deep, long-lasting, transformational healing to unfold.

Imagine for a moment…

Leaving the stress and responsibility of your daily life for two to three days. Time focused solely on you.

No one to take care of. Nothing you have to do.

Time to B R E A T H E. 

Time for you to have the support you deserve and your needs and desires to be honored.

We will spend our days together in a home specifically chosen with you in mind in the beautiful Sonoran Desert near Phoenix, Arizona. (*See note below if you prefer a different location)

I will guide you through a process of diving deeply into understanding, cultivating self-compassion, and healing. 

Our time will be a combination of deep inner work and casual connection and relaxation.  All of which is designed to help internalize and integrate your healing.

I created this opportunity for us to connect one on one because I know how important it is to carve out time and space for your well-being… for your healing... for your freedom.

I know how beneficial it is to have committed support of someone who truly understands because they’ve lived it and can help navigate the journey while holding sacred space for your healing to unfold.

I would be honored to create and hold this space for you.

If this experience speaks to your soul and it feels like the right step for you, click on the button below. We will set up a time to connect virtually to discuss your specific circumstance and next steps.

  • “My experience at Courageous Journeys has changed my life.”

    Courageous Warrior

  • "With patience and gentle encouragement, you allowed me to go at my own pace, while all the while feeling as if you were holding my hand so I wasn’t going through the pain alone."

    Courageous Warrior

  • "In her gentle way she helped heal years of pain".

    Courageous Warrior

  • "For the first time in my life I felt that someone was helping me put words to my situation"

    Courageous Warrior

  • "I had never had anyone so gently and lovingly pierce through my fear and wall of resistance".

    Courageous Warrior

  • "I had never had anyone so gently and lovingly pierce through my fear and wall of resistance".

    Courageous Warrior


When you reach out, we will set up a time to connect to make sure this is the right option for you before you make your decision. If we decide to take this journey together, we'll discuss your desires for accommodations and experiences.

I have created this option to work with me with a range for the investment depending on your budget and desires.

The investment includes:

~Accommodations for 3 nights (* See note below if you prefer 2 nights)

~All meals (3 dinners/3 breakfasts/2 lunches)

~Individual mentorship throughout our time together. (There will be structured “session” time in addition to the remainder of our “casual” time for you to use in whatever way most benefits you.)

~Reiki Session(s) (if desired)

~Pre-planned activities 

~60 minute individual session via ZOOM approximately one week after you return home

What’s not included:

~Transportation to destination

~Any additional activities not pre-planned

*If your preference would be for us to have a destination retreat, I’d be happy to speak to you about this possibility.

*If your preference, due to time or financial constraints, is 2 nights, I’d be happy to speak with you about this option. Though generally, this option will likely not provide as much benefit as I’d like you to receive.

Your Investment

  • Begins at $3970 (USD)
  • Payment option available. Please email for more information. (Full payment due 2 weeks prior to retreat)

    We will determine any additional accommodation and activity desires when we connect. 

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