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Healing sexual’s not always about the details

There is a very common fear idea when it comes to healing sexual abuse…that you must replay all the painful, embarrassing details of the abuse experienced.  In today’s vlog I talk about why that just isn’t true and what is necessary for healing.

Do/did you have fears about sharing details?  Has the fear kept you from getting help?  What aspects do/did you find most helpful for healing?

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2 comments on “Healing sexual’s not always about the details”

  1. Do/did you have fears about sharing details? I tend to have a lot of fear in bringing up the issue even though it's been many years ago (17 years ago)
    Has the fear kept you from getting help? I have been going to therapy however I'm seeing no progress tomorrow morning I have session and hopefully I will have the courage to bring it up
    What aspects do/did you find most helpful for healing? Do only aspects that I find helpful will be moving forward and letting go or the shame and guilt and become the person that I should have become. The mechanism such as denial numbing minimizing and rational are helpful to me since I know I used them all the time I know they serve a purpose but it's time to turn it around and not used it in adulthood I'm no longer the child I was when the abuse happened and I'm ready to acknowledge accept honor and validate I hope tomorrow will be my first step and I have you to thank for it

    1. Hi Ivey.
      Thanks so much for taking the time to watch and comment. I"m sorry it has taken me so long to respond. I have been traveling a lot and somehow missed responses to the blog. Hopefully you're therapy is going well :).

      There was certainly some anxiety in sharing details early on. Fears about how it would feel, what might happen, what the person might think, etc. I think sometimes the longer you hold it a secret, the more difficult it can be to begin to talk about.

      The fear of talking about it didn't keep me from getting help, but the fear of being judged did.

      In regards to helpful aspects of healing...for yourself, you have to be open to the possibility change is possible and you are not the horrible (in whatever way you see yourself as bad) person you have believed you are. For someone to help you, non-judgement, openness, deep understanding of the complexities of being a survivor of abuse, and just willing to be with you.

      Thanks again!

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