Connecting Within ~ Meditations to help during this time of uncertainty

From you to me
me to you

"Her ability to listen deeply for life’s most subtle truths, and to see through my rationalizations opened me up to seeing my own inner truth."

I am honored by all of the beautiful notes and messages I receive by Courageous Survivors.

The notes from you to me are some of the beautiful words I’ve received from clients and people from around the world, most whom I've never met. People who have been affected by our work together or something I’ve shared publicly via social media, YouTube, blog, etc.

I hope you find hope, inspiration, and connection in their words.

The notes from me to you are words of encouragement I’ve shared on social media…words I believe deep in my soul.

If we’ve traveled your journey together or you’ve been inspired by something I’ve shared and would like to leave your own love note, I would be honored to receive it.

From you to me

My life has been deeply changed by Peggy. It started with her openness and acceptance, and the exquisite quality of her listening. I found myself sharing things that I usually kept as secrets to myself. Her ability to listen deeply for life’s most subtle truths, and to see through my rationalizations opened me up to seeing my own inner truth. As a result I have been able to live closer to what really matters and let go of the burdens of the past. I can love my life with all its problems and imperfections, and I can honestly say I’ve been peaceful. Still today I hear her words of wisdom, which guide me every day, and the compassion she shared with me continues to blossom.
With patience and gentle encouragement, you allowed me to go at my own pace, while all the while feeling as if you were holding my hand so I wasn’t going through the pain alone.
I wanted to tell you that there is something about you and the way you tell your story that has given me hope. You mentioned the importance of feeling validated. I think for the first time, after watching your video posts, I truly feel validated and I feel like I understand myself better. And the shame… Gaining an understanding of myself, I feel like the shame is going away. I don’t usually comment on stuff like this, but I had to let you know. You are a courageous, bright, beautiful light. Thank you!!!

“Your video was a bath of warm light on a cold soul.”

I just want to say thank you for posting the YouTube videos. It saved my life today. I was on the brink of committing suicide in the spiral of self-harming and making everything worse for myself.
Courageous Journeys was an excellent experience! I went to Peggy willing to open up and be helped, but I had no idea that I would grow so much.
I want you to know that you have been a great help to me. I have been very anxious about speaking to my therapist, first about what happened to me as a child and now this that happened to me as an adult. I have never been able to even mention this to anyone, but you have been so helpful in encouraging me to speak to my therapist about this messed up stuff. And you never say that it was my fault, which I always feel like it was. Basically your comments are always the opposite of what I always thought someone might say to me. I know that is irrational but it makes me feel safer about actually telling someone in person and asking for help. I am so very thankful I found you.

“My time with Peggy has brought so much clarity to my life.”

Yesterday afternoon I discovered your vlogs on you tube. I watched them and smiled and cried. Thank you for your generosity in sharing your story. Your warmth, your candor, your honesty, your gentleness… your truth. Truly inspirational. To have someone intelligent talking direct to camera with the wisdom and compassion of personal experience and years of therapeutic insight was enlightening. I felt like you were speaking to me. I really connected with what you had to say and for that I am truly grateful. You reminded me of a few things I needed to hear. You have given me hope that things can get better. That I can get better. It was just what I needed right now.
Wow, I’ve learned more today watching your videos…I don’t think I’ve ever really had the right counseling.
My very first experience of validation was watching one of your videos. It made me realize that I actually had wounds that needed healing. That that was ok and very necessary.
I’m sure you get this all the time, but your videos literally saved my life.
I accidentally stumbled on your video where you share your story. Something about it just made me feel a lot less alone and a little bit more hopeful that I may one day be able to heal and get to a place where I fully understand on every level that the shame is not mine. Just a few days ago I was in a very dark place, and through watching your videos and reading the stories of so many woman on your blog, its given me the courage to find help towards healing. I’m not sure how that even looks right now, but I know I need to start.

“Thanks for bringing hope into my life.”

Peggy has changed my life. Currently in difficult situations, I can hear her voice coaching me on the way and I can picture her cheering me on from the side lines.
Your videos are definitely making a difference and I am so thankful that you took the time to make them. Before watching that video (Damage of Sexual Abuse) specifically, I couldn’t see that I needed any help.
I found your vlogs quite by accident. I had rented a movie, Short Term 12. It acted as a trigger. I jumped online and dared myself to Google childhood sexual abuse. I still turn beet-red just writing those words. I ended up on YouTube watching movies and documentaries – all of them depressing. So much unnecessary cruelty, so much damage. And then finally, a ray of hope, a glimpse of the future …I found your videos.

“I’ve grown as a person leaps and bounds since we started meeting .”

Peggy helped me to open my heart in a way that I never had before. I had never had anyone so gently and lovingly pierce through my fear and wall of resistance. She gave me permission to receive like never before, she created a spaciousness…opened doors… I let go and moved from “fear” to LIFE. I knew what it was going to take in order to heal and I knew Peggy would be there to help me do it. My life has continued to open up and miracle after miracle has taken place. Her soft controlled energy pulled me to her and I always left her with an inner peace.
Peggy was able to access a deep and untapped place in my heart. In her gentle way she helped heal years of pain, and what I learned from her I am able to take with me every day. She provided a safe, gentle, loving and deep knowing, things I had never experienced before with another human soul. I will forever be grateful for providing me a safe and nurturing place for the first time in my life.
After viewing some of your videos, I was split in two. Half of me thought “wow” and the other half thought it’s too good to be true! For the first time in my life I felt that someone was helping me put words to my situation.
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