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Opening up

My first video blog!  You know the saying….you never know until you try, well here we go.  In an effort to be more consistent with posting, I have decided to step outside of my comfort level and do a video.  It’s much easier for me to talk than to write 😉 .

In this first video I talk about hope for healing from sexual abuse and feeling connected.  I called it opening up because I share more about myself and what led me to do this work.  So, if you don’t want to know more about my personal history, this video may not be for you.  The video is pretty long... I will work on condensing as I progress.

Comments and questions welcome.

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4 comments on “Opening up”

  1. Peggy,
    I love this video blog idea! And you are right, especially for this topic it really helps personalize it.
    I definitely learned a lot I did not know and without a doubt it has only inspired me more. Any piece of information you have shared with me in session or on your page has helped me tremendously with finding a little more hope in myself. Being able to feel that sense of connection and ability to relate really really really (!) builds my trust with you. Which trust, of course, is not easy to come by with me, like other people I assume. Also, my past experiences were extremely isolating and I have felt "different" and horribly alone for as long as I can remember. Just learning that I am not alone in life (and especially with my therapist), that I won't be judged, that my voice will be heard, and that I'm not crazy has truly been life-changing.
    This blog is fantastic and really... I can't thank you enough for being so willing to walk this journey with me and share a part of yourself with the world. Thank you for always treating me as if I already am that person I want to be. And thank you again for being a true role model not just someone who preaches at me.
    Thank you for such a fantastic post,
    (I know you know who this is 😀 )

    1. Thank you for taking your time to view the video and comment...there are probably a lot of important things you could have been doing instead ;). I really am very grateful for your willingness to share your feedback and yourself. I'm sure most anyone who will read your comment will be able to relate to much of what you shared...and of course, that itself is very healing.

  2. What a beautiful, brave and honest post. Very well done and congratulations on taking such a big step with your first video! I'm certain that many people will benefit from hearing your story, whether they can relate directly or otherwise, as struggling and the desire to overcome our struggles is a universal language we all speak. Great job and thanks so much for sharing.

    1. Kristi~Thank you for taking your time to view the video...and for giving me the push inspiration I needed to follow through :-).

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