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Healing from sexual abuse - part 2

Today’s post is the 2nd story of healing for Sexual Assault Awareness Month.

Remember, everyone’s journey is different.  This is meant to let people know that healing does happen and to identify all the different ways and all the different areas that your life can grow and change.

***Please be aware, the following is a story of someone’s journey through sexual abuse and healing.  You may find aspects triggering.  If you need help, please contact RAINN @ 800.656.HOPE(4673).


My successes occurred over several years (7?) and are still occurring. Many of the things I have to share echo Peggy’s video. Mainly that it doesn’t happen overnight and all steps are important, no matter how small.

It did take me a while to finally take the step to contact a therapist. I thank God/coincidence/luck/destiny/whatever that I chose Peggy. I emailed her, and she immediately called me to schedule an appointment. She said she knew how difficult it must have been for me to contact her and that she was sorry (I think-can’t remember the exact words) that I had been through so much.

Side note: Peggy always told me (us) that no matter what happened to a person, it was just as devastating as any other person’s experience-meaning that we shouldn’t say, “Oh, your experience is so much worse than mine because yours was same-sex or yours was family member or whatever. Every form of sexual abuse, no matter how much we minimize it, can have all the same effects (thank you, Peggy).

Anyway, that was a success. Another was joining a group Peggy arranged. I was TERRIFIED to go in the first night. It was the WORST feeling I can remember of fear. But I just got out of the car. I walked in. I sat down. And I lived; and it was actually one of the BEST experiences I have ever had in my life.

Success: realizing that I was not alone. Being told by your therapist and hearing from 5 other women that they feel the same as you are two totally different experiences.

Success: Again, extreme fear to reveal one experience to Peggy-fear of judgement, fear of what it meant that I did what I did, fear of verbalizing it and making it real. But Peggy explained it all away. She helped me to see that I wasn’t a monster or a freak or alone or wrong.

Good luck to all of you. Do yourselves a favor and go with the flow; don’t get overwhelmed at what you think is going to be so very difficult. After a while, you look back and realize how far you’ve come. And, for me, it was never as bad as I thought it was going to be-especially when you have Peggy to guide you.


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