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The Face of Domestic Violence

Less than one week into Domestic Violence Awareness Month we already have the first murder as a result of DV.  I say first because unfortunately it likely will not be the last.

According to latest statistic I was able to find (2005), in this country 3 women are killed by their partner or ex partner everyday.  1/3 of all women murdered are murdered by someone they trusted and probably loved.

Think about that a moment.  3 women....every single day.

When the news reported on the story they mentioned it was Domestic Violence Awareness Month and provided a number for someone to contact if they needed help.  Unfortunately that was it.  This would have been a perfect opportunity to have a DV expert on to talk about signs of an abuser, why it is so difficult to leave, or what it really means to get help….beyond calling a number.

I thought I would share the news report of her murder to provide a name and a face to the seemingly anonymous victims identified in media and statistics.  Her name is Sandra Perez.  She was only 21 years old and just had a baby girl 3 months ago.  A little girl who will grow up without her mother because her father killed her.

The following is a link to the news report and a written article


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