Connecting Within ~ Meditations to help during this time of uncertainty

Sacred Boundaries

A journey of honoring... heart, mind, body & soul

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June 11, 2020 - July 9, 2020
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Sacred Boundaries is an invitation to deeply root into and honor your soul’s knowing so you may feel more confident, connected, and easeful in your relationships with others… and even more importantly, with yourself.

Boundaries are a necessary structure to our overall well being. Yet, we are not taught nor encouraged to create, implement, or enforce them. This is especially true for girls/women.

Most of us are taught from a very early age that our feelings, needs, or desires are not important. Sometimes we are taught this very explicitly… don’t be angry, be a good girl, go give grandma or uncle Steve a kiss. Sometimes more implicitly… how will she feel if you do that, but I really need you, and even the ideas of what it means to be nice.

If you have a history of interpersonal trauma, you very directly experienced that your needs played no role in your existence. Therefore leaving you with a deep, core belief that you exist for others.

However, when we feel rooted in our soul’s knowing, we are able to navigate the uncertainties inherent in relationships and life with more ease.

We’re in this together...

We are currently living in a collective energy and reality of tremendous uncertainty which creates an increased level of stress.

When feeling stressed we tend to return to old beliefs, behaviors, and ways coping (most of which are not very healthy).

All of this may leave you feeling disconnected from yourself which can lead to immersing yourself in others… being there for, or taking care of, their physical or emotional needs. 

Or, you might be feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, guilty or ashamed because you are doing too much or feeling you should be doing more. This can lead to the desire to pull back, leaving you feeling isolated or lonely. 

If you see yourself in any of the above, you are not alone. <3

So many of the conversations I’ve been having have a very similar theme...

Feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, fearful, or possibly shutdown as a result of wanting to be all things to all people.

Feeling like you’re failing at some of your most important relationships because you can’t fix or change their circumstances or how they feel.

Feeling a desire to pull back from relationships because you just don’t have the energy to “show up”in the way you desire or they expect. 

Feeling like you can't win. You try to take care of yourself and say no but, you're left feeling bad about it. Or, you say yes to alleviate feeling bad and end up feeling resentful.

There is also a recognition for some that they have a relationship or two which have some unhealthy aspects to them.

With all this going on, this is an important time to take care of YOU!

One of the best ways you can do this is by honoring yourself… as you root into your knowing, you navigate the ebb & flow and ups & downs all this uncertainty creates from a place of ease and confidence

Boundaries are not selfish.
They are a beautiful practice of self-care and necessary for our overall well being.

A powerful example of the emotional impact of dishonoring yourself and inspiration of what healing and healthy boundaries can feel like (From someone for whom we've been working on boundaries. Shared with permission)'s like she didn't hear anything... like my voice doesn't have sound...  I'm realizing how much I don't like existing in that space with her and I'm starting to see the door... I'm starting to understand that I don't have to participate in her cycle at any time or for any reason... her presence has a way of overshadowing me, making me feel small and sometimes completely consumed by her... the way that she intertwines my feelings with hers feels like being touched in a way you don't wanna be touched... it feels like a violation, like I can't get her hands off me... I've always felt helpless but I don't feel that anymore... thank you for helping me find the door.

I believe...

We have a deep knowing in our soul of what we need and desire. But, we allow guilt, fear, and even shame to get in the way of honoring our mind, heart, and body.

When we are able to understand the direct connection between our fears and core wounding we naturally begin the healing process. This creates the confidence to honor our needs through creating and implementing healthy boundaries.

And, I believe you are worthy and capable of creating this foundation for your continued healing and freedom.

Join Sacred Boundaries (This round is for womxn only)

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The Journey

As we journey together, I will guide you to connect with your heart and inner knowing so you can create the relationships you desire and deserve.

We’ll explore:

~ Why we are challenged in identifying and implementing boundaries.

~ What boundaries look and feel like in healthy relationships.

~ The wounding or fears keeping you from being able to fully honor yourself.

~ Strengthening your confidence to aid in releasing doubt or guilt.

~ Practices to stay rooted in this confidence so you can nurture your most important relationships while honoring you.

You’ll land with:

~ Confidence, ease, and security within your relationships with others… and yourself.

~ Rootedness in making decisions whether you are saying yes or no.

~ Trust in your knowing of what you desire.

~Pride as you pull it all together and a sense of freedom when you know you can honor yourself while you honor, love, and care for others.

The Chapters

Chapter 1 ~ Understanding what healthy boundaries are and why we have such difficulty with them. You are definitely not alone!

Chapter 2 ~ Learning to connect to your inner knowing to help identify the boundaries important for your healing and overall well being.

Chapter 3 ~ Identifying the obstacles (fears, beliefs, etc) keeping you from honoring your needs... yourself, so you feel safe in implementing and maintaining these boundaries.

Chapter 4 ~ Putting it all into practice from a place of confidence and celebrating the freedom that comes from feeling rooted in your soul’s knowing.

How We’ll Take This Journey

We’ll have a private Facebook group where learning, sharing, and connecting will transpire. You’ll be sharing this space with a group of women who deeply understand the challenge of fully honoring ourselves.

You’ll learn through:
~ Video content

~ Live Q&As (Thursday, June 18, 25, & July 2 @ 1pm Pacific. Replays will be available. You can leave a Q in a designated post if you won't be able to join).

~ Journal prompts to help you connect with your inner knowing

~Closing Zoom Call where we will connect and celebrate YOU! There will also be time for Q&A (Thursday, July 9 @ 1pm Pacific)


“You have an unusual ability to grasp the core dynamics and present the solutions in a simple, accurate and hopeful way. It sounds simple, but in my experience, it's incredibly uncommon. I wish that every therapist were required to study the wisdom you so generously share.”

“Thank you so much for the live Q&A. It was such a beautiful space and experience. I think we could all feel it. The energy was amazing.”

“In a couple hours you have explained through your videos what has taken me almost a lifetime of therapy to learn. And I feel you truly get it and talk about the key points that are so relatable and more importantly helpful!”

“You bring such good quality, light bulb information!! Your content never disappoints, because it is so real and true. Thank you!”

“Your video was a bath of warm light on a cold soul. Thank you for being who you are and doing what you do.”

Join Sacred Boundaries (This round is for womxn only)

Full Payment ~ SOLD OUTPayment Plan ~ SOLD OUT
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