Connecting Within ~ Meditations to help during this time of uncertainty

Peggy Oliveira, MSW

Inspirational Speaker - Trauma Therapist - Survivor
Survivor Whisperer ®

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Peggy's soulful way of getting us to connect to our truth... pain, fears, dreams, & desires inspires us, with arms and hearts wide open, to look under the surface and honor the whispers of our soul.

Known as the Survivor Whisperer®, she weaves her story of impact & healing from childhood sexual abuse with her 15+ years of experience as a trauma therapist and advocate to inspire us to release what holds us back and courageously step into the life we deserve.

Peggy is the Founder of Courageous Journeys, a practice of guiding people on their Journey to Freedom through 1:1 sessions, online programs, and her transformational Journey to Freedom Retreat.

Your warmth, your candor, your honesty, your gentleness... your truth. Truly inspirational. I felt like you were speaking directly to me. I really connected with what you had to say and for that I am truly grateful.”

Previous Engagements

  • Awakened Woman Convergence
  • Divine Renewal Radio
  • The Jen Mavros Show
  • Body Reverence Festival
  • Courageous Caregiver Summit
  • NASW Statewide Conference (IL)

Healing isn't changing who you are.
It's uncovering who you've always been ~ Peggy

Most Popular Talk

Journey to Freedom

We're taught to put the past behind us. It's not good to dwell on the bad stuff. Find the gratitude or blessing in every experience, no matter how devastating it may be. And whatever you do, you must stay in a high vibration.

While these messages were born from a desire to help, they most often cause us to "deny" or bypass the healing needed to truly move on, release... to be free.

You cannot heal what you deny is wounded. And, we are all wounded.

In this heart & mind opening talk, Peggy will help the audience understand the importance of acknowledging where we've been wounded (hint: it's not always about the big stuff), how it shows up in our current lives, and what it takes to truly heal.

Weaving her story & expertise, Peggy will inspire us to honor the wounded parts of ourselves which continue to show up through self-doubt, worry, self-sabotaging behavior, or unfulfilling relationships (aka "soul whispers") so we may fully step into our truth, potential, and the freedom we deserve.

It was like a bath of warm light on a cold soul.”

Peggy has a way of making you feel like she's talking directly to you. She woke me up to so much about myself and how I've been holding myself back. Hearing her story has given me inspiration to dream even bigger and the belief in my ability to make it happen. Thank you!”

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Peggy Oliveira, MSW

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