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Sexual Assault Awareness Month 2021

Welcome to this limited series to help bring conversations around sexual abuse and assault into the open. Together, we can end the shame, stigma, and isolation for Survivors. I welcome your thoughts, experiences, and anything else you'd like to share. Comment below. Welcome and introduction to this series + a call to action Episode 1 […]

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No hiding here

“I know I can’t hide with you”… When I heard that there was a quick moment of remembrance from several years ago when I felt “wrong” when being told I was deep. That people may feel intimidated and therefore choose to engage with others instead, engaging in lighter things. As a result, there have been […]

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Minimizing was no longer an option

*Personal share of sexual abuse/assault. May be triggering. While searching for a partially used journal (instead of buying another one that will likely only be partially used 😉 ) I came across my journal from when I first began my healing process. I didn’t remember having it and am a bit surprised I kept it. […]

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