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The Road to Courageous Journeys

Are you the type of person who always knew what you wanted to do with your life?  Was it obvious to you what your interests and talents were?  Did you have dreams about the greatness of life ahead of you?

I have to admit, that is not at all my experience.

If someone had told me in the beginning of my career that I would one day have my own psychotherapy practice, I would have thought s/he were a little crazy…and if I had paid her for her insight I likely would have asked for a refund 😉 .

The truth is I had no desire to have my own practice, or to even be a therapist for that matter.  In fact, I never planned to have a college degree.

So how did I end up here?  I sometimes still find myself asking that question.  It’s honestly a little surreal.  Over the years, clients as well as friends, have often asked how I became a therapist and why.

I decided to share a bit of my road to Courageous Journeys with the hope you may be able to recognize possibilities for your life you may have never imagined.

When I thought about my future, my “career”, as a child I assumed I would work in an office like my mother did.  Other than the fantasy of being an Olympic gymnast, I never imagined anything else for my future.

My family’s expectation of me (which became my expectation of me) was that I would quit high school, get pregnant, maybe get married (though not necessarily in that order), and probably work in a job not requiring a degree or specific experience.

It’s not that I was singled out in the family with these expectations.  This was really a family expectation.  None of my grandparents nor my parents went to high school.  My grandmother had my mother at the age of 15 and my mother had her first child at 16.  This was young, even for those times.

So, at 16 I got pregnant, quit high school, and got married….in that order.

This is obviously not the end of the story.  However this is a blog, not a book 🙂 .  Stay tuned for more on The Road to Courageous Journeys.

Is your life what you thought it would be?  Were there expectations from yourself or others that held you back?

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