Episode 14: Trauma Informed - What is it & is it enough to heal trauma?

Episode Description:

This episode originally aired in video format on YouTube.

Have you been seeing the term "trauma informed" and wonder what it actually means?

In today's episode, I share what it means to be trauma informed (hint... there is no standard for the term) and if it is sufficient for helping people heal trauma. Particularly prolonged, interpersonal, and/or childhood trauma.

This is for those searching for someone to help them heal and those who may desire to become "trauma informed" to help others heal.

To learn more about when you might need a specialized trauma therapist, check out this episode. 

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This podcast is for informational purposes and is not mental health advice nor a replacement for professional mental health treatment.

Episode Notes:

- "Trauma-informed" is a term that has been used more frequently in recent years, especially by professionals offering to help people heal from trauma.

- The term refers to a basic awareness and understanding of trauma and how to avoid retraumatizing or triggering someone who has experienced trauma.

- However, there is no standard definition of what it means to be trauma-informed, and it can range from having read a book on trauma to having attended specialized training.

- Being trauma-informed can be beneficial for professionals in various fields, such as yoga instructors and teachers, who may encounter trauma survivors in their work.

- While being trauma-informed is important, it may not be sufficient on its own to fully heal trauma. Additional specialized treatment may be necessary.

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