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…The person underneath the false beliefs of unworthy, unloveable, bad, not good enough, etc. When you’ve been abused as a child you tell yourself a story to try to understand how and why it happened. It is never a story with a princess who is saved by a prince or even a trusted adult. It is a story of somehow being the cause of what happened. Or the reason it continued to happen. It is this story that created the long term effects of abuse (shame, fear, sadness, anger, self-destructive behaviors, relationship problems). In part because you typically aren’t aware of the story you’ve created. This story becomes your reality. Something you believe at your core without even having to think about it. It drives your thinking, behavior, choices.

Courageous Journeys is a Coaching practice & website providing guidance, support, understanding, and most importantly hope. Through the blog, videos, and social media I hope to provide a space for you to feel understood; gain additional understanding of yourself, your feelings, your behaviors; to feel less alone; and to believe in the possibility of a life you may have never imagined. Thank you so much for joining me here.

There isn’t a name, phrase, or title that more accurately represents the process of embarking on one of the most vulnerable things someone can do than Courageous Journeys.

Willingness to risk the vulnerability that resides in acknowledging past abuse and the struggles it creates is the pure embodiment of courage.

When I … Read More

Happy New Year!  This year @ Courageous Journeys it’s all about letting go and opening to possibilities.  Today’s video is about recognizing the incredible strength, resilience, and determination already within you…helping you believe in your power to get through the difficulty of healing…or anything else life might throw your way…. Read More

There are so many people who struggle this time of year.  If this is not the “happiest time of year” for you, you are not alone!  I share some tips and ideas to help navigate the season.  Wishing you peace this holiday season.


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