Connecting Within ~ Meditations to help during this time of uncertainty

Courageous Journeys®

A journey of healing what's been holding you back from the life you deserve

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Welcome to my virtual home. Please, come in.

Set your fears and uncertainties aside, open your heart, and join me on this journey of soul healing.

Courageous Journeys is a journey of coming back to you. To the essence of who you are… who you’ve always been.

The journey of discovering the freedom your soul has been asking for.

You know, that little voice that sends a desire… the feeling of hope into your heart that ultimately led you here.

Those moments when you find yourself struggling yet recognize there has to be more.

Those are the whispers of your soul.


No more self-doubt, self-sabotaging, unhealthy/unfulfilling relationships, or shame.


Feeling connected, understood, capable, worthy, loved, whole… and free.

Your soul is asking. Are you listening?

You cannot heal what you deny is wounded.

Sexual abuse is something that effects 1 in 3 girls and 1 in 5 boys. These children grow up to be the adults we become friends with, work with, and marry. They become the partners of our children.

Think about that for a moment…

I am 1 in 3. Since you are here, there’s a good chance you are too (or 1 in 5).

The impact of sexual abuse can be life long and devastating. BUT, it doesn’t have to be.

Healing is possible. Truly, it is. Yes, even for you.

The most damaging aspect of abuse is the shame we carry throughout our lives. Shame that keeps you living a life that is far smaller than you are deserving and capable of…and meant for.

For some people this shows up in obvious ways. Depression, abusive relationships, suicidal thoughts and actions, addiction, flashbacks, etc.

For many others, it shows up as being overly independent or confident, intense reactions or completely shut off emotions, difficulty letting people see, know the “real” you, or no matter what you achieve or have in your life you still feel like something’s missing…a knowing, a deep desire for more.

Wherever you see yourself, I would be honored to take part in your journey of discovering who you truly are under the layers of self-protection and buried pain.
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