Episode 19: How Healing Childhood Trauma Changes the Nature of Your Relationships

Episode Description:
Relationships can be challenging for everyone. For survivors of childhood trauma there are additional factors that can make it more difficult to cultivate the relationships you desire… and deserve.

How do you learn to trust when you’ve been hurt or let down by people you care about or trust? How can you identify and create healthy boundaries if the people around you don’t respect them? How do you know who to turn to for support?

It can feel impossible at times to trust that all this is possible for you if you’ve not yet been able to experience it.

This is often one of the reasons people give up on healing.

In this episode, I share how and why we find ourselves here and how healing naturally shifts your relationships.

For more on this topic, check out this video: How Vulnerability Can Affect Our Personal and Working Relationships

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This podcast is for informational purposes and is not mental health advice nor a replacement for professional mental health treatment.

Episode Notes:

- Healing childhood trauma can be a challenging journey that affects relationships.

- Difficulty trusting in healing and healthy relationships can hinder progress.

- Childhood trauma can shape beliefs about worthiness and trust in others.

- Engaging with unhealthy relationships reinforces negative beliefs and limits vulnerability.

- As healing progresses, healthier connections are formed, leading to mutual support and vulnerability.

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