Episode 21: How Childhood Trauma Affects Mental Health

Episode Description:

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In recent years, it’s undoubtedly that mental health has become a widely discussed and prevalent topic. People started to create more conversations around it and a result more people are aware of it and they try to understand it which is a great thing specially for us, childhood trauma survivors. However, the way we talk about mental health may not always be accurate.

In today’s video, I answer a question about the relationship of childhood trauma and mental illness.

When we experience childhood trauma, we are left to deal with it’s lasting impact in our lives. And although childhood trauma is not a mental illness, it affects us in different aspects of our being and ultimately our mental health.

It's important to remember that each of our journey is unique and how we cope with childhood trauma can be different from each other. But no matter how different we are on the ways that we react to our traumas, we are still very much the same. Remember that healing is possible, and we will heal together.

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This podcast is for informational purposes and is not mental health advice nor a replacement for professional mental health treatment.

Episode Notes:

- Childhood trauma has a significant impact on every aspect of a person's life, including their thoughts, feelings, and responses.

- Childhood trauma is not a mental illness but rather an experience that creates long-term effects.

- The impact of childhood trauma can manifest in various ways, such as changes in self-perception, worthiness, and expectations in relationships.

- While childhood trauma does not automatically lead to a mental illness, it can contribute to mental health issues like depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

- It is important to be conscious of how the impact of trauma is labeled, as it is a normal reaction to a traumatic experience rather than a mental illness. Healing and progress are possible for survivors of childhood trauma.

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