Episode 23: Why Can’t I Heal Childhood Trauma on My Own?

Episode Description:

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If you’re like most people I know, you’ve likely felt frustrated at times thinking about “having” to work with a therapist (or other professional) in order to heal. I have certainly felt this in my own journey.

A few reasons might be because of time, resources, or fear… fear of judgment, abandonment, shame, or any number of other things.

This leads to one of the legacies of interpersonal childhood trauma which is a strong sense of independence. The idea that we can, should, or need to do things on our own, not burden other people, and likely, that we can’t trust someone to help us.

As much as we might like it to be possible to heal on our own, there are many reasons it just doesn’t allow us to heal at a deep, core level.

It’s one of the reasons the “self-help” industry is a multi-billion dollar industry. People continue to search for the tip, trick, or theory that will “finally” get them to where they want to be.

While it may help for a while, inevitably, the struggle returns. This isn’t a fault or failure within you.

In today’s episode, I share my thoughts on why this is the case and how the “why” is part of the healing itself.

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This podcast is for informational purposes and is not mental health advice nor a replacement for professional mental health treatment.

Episode Notes:

- Healing childhood trauma on your own is not possible.
- Deep healing requires connection, particularly in the context of interpersonal childhood trauma.
- Childhood trauma from someone close creates deep wounds that affect various aspects of life.
- Healing involves being seen, heard, and accepted in a healthy relationship.
- The analogy of a scared dog learning to trust people illustrates the process of healing through repeated exposure and understanding.

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