Episode 27: Why It's Vital to Honor Your Desires When Healing Childhood Trauma

Episode Description:

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I often talk about the importance of honoring ourselves…. our desires, needs, and experiences for healing.

It is bigger than just getting what we want or need.

When we don’t honor what we desire, there can be an unintended, much deeper, consequence.

In today’s episode I share how and why and what you can begin to do differently to honor yourself in a way that expands and deepens your healing.

YT video mentioned: Independence as a form of self-protection ~ Impact of Sexual Abuse

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Episode Notes:

- Honoring your desires is crucial in the healing journey, especially for childhood trauma survivors.

- Denying your desires goes beyond not getting what you want; it disconnects you from your intuition and reinforces feelings of unworthiness.

- Childhood trauma often involved denying your own feelings and needs as a coping mechanism.

- This pattern continues into adulthood when you tell yourself that your desires don't matter, leading to ongoing struggles and emotional disconnection.

- Honoring your desires means acknowledging and accepting them without judgment or criticism, promoting healing and self-acceptance.

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