Episode 29: What You Need to Know About Mental Health Certifications

Episode Description:

This episode originally aired on YouTube. The link mentioned is further down in the description

In today’s episode, I continue the conversation about experts and certifications in the mental health field.

I encourage all of you to seek professional support as you navigate this journey. But, it can be quite difficult to understand what “professional” actually means.

Does being “certified” qualify someone as an expert? Does it provide the understanding and training necessary to help guide someone who’s healing from trauma?

Let’s get into what certified means… and doesn’t and why it matters. I’ll share what is important to look for when considering someone to support you through the journey.

Link mentioned: What does it mean to be an expert in mental health?

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This podcast is for informational purposes and is not mental health advice nor a replacement for professional mental health treatment.

Episode Notes:

- Peggy discusses the significance of mental health certifications and their evolving meaning in today's context.

- Traditionally, mental health certifications were offered by organizations led by experienced professionals in the field, requiring certain educational qualifications and supervised experience.

- However, in recent years, the certification landscape has changed due to online entrepreneurship, coaching industry, and social media influence, leading to a proliferation of certification programs.

- Many individuals and organizations, including coaches, now create their own certifications, often without the necessary qualifications or experience, leading to a lack of regulation and understanding of what certifications mean.

- Consumers are advised to conduct thorough research before relying on someone's certification as it may not guarantee expertise or the ability to provide effective mental health services.

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