Episode 39: Choosing to Disclose Childhood Trauma or Confronting an Abuser

Episode Description:

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For a lot of childhood trauma survivors, choosing to disclose the trauma to friends or family can be challenging. There can be fear of not being believed or fear of judgment, guilt, or many other doubts that make it seem impossible to share with anyone.

These fears and doubts often get in the way of being able to know and trust what we want and what is “right” for us.

In today’s episode, I share thoughts on things to consider (whether you think you want to disclose or not) and tips for navigating the experience.

Remember, there is no right or wrong way to think or feel about this. What matters is that you honor what you truly desire.

What are your thoughts? Have you worried about some of these things?

Video mentioned: Keep this in mind when disclosing abuse

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Episode Notes:

  • Peggy discusses the intricate process of deciding whether to disclose childhood trauma to someone close or confront the abuser, highlighting the significance of this decision.

  • Individuals often develop automatic responses and coping mechanisms during childhood, convincing themselves that they neither desire nor can disclose their trauma. This is explored in the context of the internal conflict between wanting to share and feeling inhibited by various factors.

  • Peggy emphasizes the importance of honoring one's true desires and understanding the motivations behind them. This involves navigating internal conflicts, acknowledging personal needs, and distinguishing between the desire to share and the belief that one cannot.

  • Through the healing process, many individuals initially resist the idea of disclosure but eventually recognize a genuine desire to share their experiences, especially with family members. She encourages conscious decision-making and dispels the notion that acknowledging a desire necessitates immediate action.

  • Whether disclosing to a family member or confronting an abuser, Peggy underscores the importance of professional support, self-reflection, and preparation. This involves exploring motivations, expectations, and potential outcomes, and having a plan to cope with different scenarios and emotional responses, ensuring a more informed and resilient approach.

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