Episode 49: Why You Feel Bad When Nothing's Wrong (And What To Do About It)

Episode Description:

This episode originally aired on YouTube. 

A common misconception… or expectation, about the healing process is that when you’ve “healed” you won’t struggle with certain things, or anything at all, any longer.

In today’s episode, I share a piece of awareness that came about after reflecting on how something in my current life can bring up some not so great feelings.

Join me as I explore the how and why seemingly unrelated things can create struggle in our current lives and how to navigate… and heal through it.

Can you relate? Have you often that you “shouldn’t” feel the way you do? Share your experiences below.

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Episode Notes:

- Vulnerability plays a significant role in how we perceive and react to everyday experiences, affecting our emotional responses and overall well-being.
- Factors such as lack of sleep, stress, and unresolved trauma can compound our vulnerability, making us more susceptible to negative emotions and reactions.
- It's common to experience fluctuations in mood and emotional states, even without external triggers, due to shifts in our internal energy and vulnerability levels.
- Being aware of our vulnerability and practicing self-reflection can help us better understand our emotional responses and mitigate their impact.
- Regularly checking in with ourselves, journaling about our feelings and experiences, and seeking support from therapists or support groups can aid in managing our vulnerability and promoting healing.

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