Episode 5: Gratitude for trauma healing - How it helps and how it doesn't

Episode Description:

In today’s episode, we explore the practice of gratitude in trauma and emotional healing. However, how you practice gratitude determines whether it is helpful or potentially harmful to your journey and how you feel about yourself.

I’ll share some practices to help you connect with gratitude in ways that help shift what you believe about who you are and what you’re worthy of.

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This podcast is for informational purposes and is not mental health advice nor a replacement for professional mental health treatment.

Episode Notes:

- Using gratitude as a healing practice, Peggy shares how it works and how it does not work.

- It is emphasized that gratitude is not about denying or bypassing any struggle or trauma that exists, as finding gratitude in trauma can be incredibly harmful and dismissive.

- However, it is possible to find gratitude in situations connected to something bad, such as being grateful that a toxic relationship has ended, without being grateful for the trauma that occurred.

- It is acknowledged that it can be difficult to feel a sense of gratitude when dealing with significant struggles, but it is a practice and process that can be cultivated over time.

- Gratitude is used as a healing practice to honor whatever is present, including the pain and the struggle, while finding other things to be grateful for.

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