Episode 62: Myths and Misconceptions: What it means to be a survivor of childhood trauma

Episode Description:

This episode originally aired on YouTube. 

When we think of a survivor of childhood sexual trauma, we tend to have preconceived ideas, expectations, and images that come to mind.

In today’s episode, I talk briefly about where they come from and the misconceptions that abound in them. Then , I talk about the diverse realities of being a survivor of childhood trauma, shattering the notion of what society tends to perpetuates.

I’d love to hear from you. What ideas came to mind when paused to consider what a survivor looks like? Know someone who might benefit from hearing they are not alone? Please consider sharing this video with them. #TogetherWeHeal ❤️

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Episode Notes:

- Society holds misconceptions about survivors of childhood trauma, often depicted as unstable and unable to function normally in life.

- These stereotypes reinforce shame and hopelessness among survivors, making them feel unworthy of happiness or success.

- Survivors come from all walks of life, irrespective of gender, age, appearance, or social status.

- Comparing oneself to societal standards of success can exacerbate feelings of shame and inadequacy among survivors.

- Recognizing and normalizing the struggles of survivors is crucial in combating stigma and fostering healing.

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