Episode 63: Navigating Trust and Safety as Survivors of Sexual Trauma - Bear VS Man

Episode Description:

This episode originally aired on YouTube. 

There's a video going around on TikTok asking the question "Would you rather run into a bear or a man in the woods?" It has sparked a really interesting… and affirming, yet alarming conversation. Today, I want to dive into that from a bit of a different angle.

For survivors of sexual trauma or harassment, there is so much self-doubt around trusting our instincts and deciding if our feelings of unease are valid or if we are overreacting. In this episode, I'll discuss how, regardless of history, we are shaped by experience, uncertainty, and fear and offer insight for navigating these complex emotions.

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Episode Notes:

- A trending TikTok question asks whether women would prefer to encounter a bear or a man in the woods. Most women choose the bear, reflecting deep-seated trust and safety issues.

- Survivors of sexual trauma often struggle with trusting others and doubting their own instincts. This pervasive uncertainty impacts their ability to feel safe and make confident decisions.

- The choice of a bear over a man underscores the validity of fears surrounding men, which stems from both personal and collective experiences of harassment and violence.

- It's essential for survivors to recognize their feelings as valid and work towards healing. Building self-trust and reducing self-doubt are crucial steps in navigating life without being paralyzed by fear.

- The conversation calls for empathy and understanding, particularly from men. Acknowledging the reality of these fears and not taking them personally can help create a more supportive environment for women.

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