Episode 64: Boundaries for Survivors of Childhood Trauma - Navigating Guilt and Fear

Episode Description:

This episode originally aired on YouTube. 

One of the major challenges people face when trying to set boundaries is dealing with the unhappiness and pushback from others. It can be so difficult, especially if you've spent much of your life being a people-pleaser and putting others' feelings above your own.

In this episode, I'll share one of the most important things to remember as you consider setting a boundary. I’ll also talk about how and why setting boundaries often feels so uncomfortable, sometimes even after you've done a lot of healing work. I'll share tips on how to honor your own needs, wants, and feelings without judging yourself.

Have you ever felt guilty, selfish or scared about setting boundaries? This episode is for you and I’d love to hear about your experience.

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Episode Notes:

- Establishing boundaries is difficult, especially for those with meaningful relationships or past trauma. It involves dealing with guilt and fear, and it is an ongoing process that doesn't necessarily become easy even with practice.

- When setting boundaries, expect pushback, particularly from people who have an investment in you not setting them. This pushback can intensify self-doubt and guilt, making it harder to enforce the boundaries despite knowing they are necessary for your well-being.

- Acknowledging and honoring your feelings without judgment is crucial. This means accepting your emotions as valid, practicing self-compassion, and not talking yourself out of how you feel.

- Regularly practicing setting boundaries and being emotionally aware helps build confidence. Recognize what you need and want, and honor those needs even if it feels uncomfortable.

- Understand that feeling guilt or fear when setting boundaries is normal. It's essential to accept these emotions and not interpret them as indicators that setting the boundary is wrong. Balancing these feelings while still honoring your needs is key to maintaining healthy boundaries.

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