Episode 65: Internalizing Moments Along the Healing Journey - Healing Childhood Trauma

Episode Description:

This episode originally aired on YouTube. 

You know those moments when you hear or experience something and your way of thinking or perspective suddenly changes? Those “aha” moments.

These are pretty common along this healing journey. However, there are a few that are “AAHHHAAAA” kind of moments. An experience or realization that becomes more like a tectonic shift.

In this episode I’m sharing something that came up in a recent session that is a great example of this.

Her experience is something everyone experiences on some level, to some degree throughout the journey. What makes it so pivotal is being in a place where you can internalize and trust it.

Join me as I share examples of how this can show up for you and how to use it for healing.

You are so, so much more than you believe you are. ❤️

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Episode Notes:

- Healing and self-development involve numerous "aha" moments where one rethinks previous beliefs and recognizes that they may not have seen the whole picture. These moments can lead to significant shifts in perception.

- Therapists value sharing profound moments with clients, knowing these moments signify significant shifts in the client’s healing journey, even if the clients themselves don't immediately recognize the importance.

- Healing often involves questioning long-held core beliefs about oneself, especially those reinforced over many years. These beliefs can be so ingrained that they feel as undeniable as basic needs.

- A crucial part of healing is recognizing that positive feedback from others, even when it contradicts one's negative self-perceptions, is genuine and not simply exceptions or niceties.

- Professional and qualified support is essential in the healing journey to help individuals challenge and ultimately shift their deeply rooted false beliefs about themselves, moving towards acceptance and self-compassion.

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