Episode 9: Does the relationship you have with your abuser determine the impact?

Episode Description:

In today’s episode, I answer a question from the community about the impact of sexual abuse as it relates to the relationship with the abuser. I share my thoughts on the harmful message that the listener’s wounding shouldn't be as significant as some other people’s. As a survivor, remember that the long-term impact of sexual trauma is often very similar regardless of who the perpetrator is.

As is the case with most things related to impact and healing from childhood trauma, this issue is complex. I’ve recorded a second part to dive a bit deeper into how the relationship with your abuser can create additional layers to healing.

This episode provides valuable insights into the long-term impact of childhood sexual trauma and offers hope for survivors on their healing journey.

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This podcast is for informational purposes and is not mental health advice nor a replacement for professional mental health treatment.

Episode Notes:

- The Q&A session is about childhood trauma and its effects.

- A viewer, Herlinda, shared that her therapist told her that sexual abuse by a father creates more significant wounds than abuse by someone outside the family.

- This left Herlinda feeling confused, hopeless, and questioning herself.

- The speaker acknowledges that therapists may not fully understand childhood trauma and can sometimes say things that are inaccurate or misunderstood.

- Long-term impact and the wounding caused by sexual trauma are mostly the same, regardless of the perpetrator. However, abuse by someone with whom the child has a close relationship creates additional layers of healing that need to be addressed.

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