The beauty that comes from accepting imperfection

Self-compassion has always been woven through all the work I do. Though I didn't always label it that way.


I talked about how to reframe the shame and judgment they carried.

I'd share practices to be gentle with themselves.

I encouraged them to notice how they think about other people in the same situations or struggling with the same things... acknowledging they didn't judge or blame them.

I reminded them that we all do things that aren't healthy for us and make mistakes... and none of it defines who we are or makes us unworthy.

All of these practices are a necessary part of deep emotional healing.

For those who carry the burden of childhood trauma, it becomes a part of every aspect of healing.

When I took on the challenge of writing a "tiny book" last year, I had no idea what I was going to write about.

I started thinking I had made a mistake in thinking I'd be able to complete the project within the timeframe given.

What was I thinking? How could I write something in 45 days that had any purpose?

Then, after a few rounds of deep breathing and reminding myself it wasn't about writing the next NYT bestseller, that it was just about writing something I felt a connection to and might make a difference for just one person... I knew what it would be.

It wasn't about perfection. It was about connection.

For a recovering perfectionist whose way of dealing with perfection was just not doing something rather than risk doing it and it not being perfect, this was a big leap of faith. 😉

Two weeks later, Deeply Rooted was born. 😊

It's been just over a year since publishing Deeply Rooted and it has been amazing to know that creating something that is not perfect has positively impacted more than "just" the one person I hoped for.

Thank you to all of you who've supported me and my work over the years. It's our connection that inspired Deeply Rooted. ❤️

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What might you create if you were able to trust that you are perfect in your imperfection?