Connecting Within

Meditations to help heal mind, body & soul

Meditations to soothe your soul

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Meditation is a practice of being present. And, being present is an important aspect of healing.

When we are connected to the here and now we are not worrying about the future… an hour, a month, or a year from now.

We are not replaying the past… the regrets, disappointments, or hurts.

From this place, you create an opportunity to connect with what is true in the present moment.

Meditation, in whatever form it takes, is a powerful tool to help cultivate a lasting sense of calm, peace, and happiness.

I created this guided meditation album as a resource to help you connect within. To help create a foundation for connecting with the strength and goodness within you.

"I downloaded your meditation album after realizing I was dozing off to your youtube videos quite often, and had been for a while. It's been a long time but, I'm now getting solid blocks of sleep. Given the amount of videos, apps, cds, etc. I've tried in the past, this is quite something."

Connecting Within contains the following digital meditations to help heal your soul...

~Meditation for Deep Sleep

~Accepting & Honoring Yourself as You Are

~Learning to Honor & Love Your Body

~*BONUS #1 ~ Creating Refuge meditation to cultivate a sense of safety and comfort in and around you.

~*BONUS #2 ~ Downloadable PDF guidebook with suggestions for using the meditations and for journaling to integrate the experience at a deeper level and help you Connect Within.

You can listen wherever and whenever your mind, body, or soul needs a little refuge and reminder of the truth of who you are.

Download to your mobile device, digital music player, tablet, or computer.

"The meditations were challenging to listen to at times because they touched me much more deeply than any meditation I've experienced before. Your voice is so incredibly soothing, it's impossible to not feel safe, open, and peaceful. Thank you!"

over 90 min of guided meditation

$7.87 USD

  • Meditation for Deep Sleep (32:20)
  • Accepting & Honoring Yourself as You Are (12:00)
  • Learning to Honor & Love Your Body (31:30)
  • BONUS Meditation - Creating Refuge (31:25)
  • Bonus Guidebook (PDF)

 I have to tell you that I have learned so much from watching your videos . This might sound odd, but I listen to your videos as I sleep and it does wonders to my soul. I am just so grateful and thankful that you are fulfilling your purpose because it is needed and beneficial in helping survivors of abuse get the kick start they need to heal and you have that gift.


  I need you to know... that safe space (Creating Refuge) meditation is working!!!! I get to sleep!! I’m so F***ING EXCITED!! Just really needed everyone to know this! Thank you sooooooo much for providing and creating these for us!!


A bath of warm light on a cold soul. Thank you for being who you are and doing what you do.


 Thank you! I just listened to the deep sleep meditation...well kinda… I listened for a short while and fell fast asleep in my it worked. 😊


Peggy Oliveira

Peggy Oliveira, MSW is a trauma therapist, author, mentor, survivor, and speaker. (Clinical License Retired)

Known as the Survivor Whisperer®, she weaves her story of impact & healing from childhood sexual abuse with her 20+ years as a trauma therapist and advocate to guide and inspire us to heal the lasting impact of childhood abuse and courageously step into the life we deserve.

Her soulful way of getting us to connect to our truth... pain, fears, dreams, and desires inspires us, with arms and hearts wide open, to look under the surface and honor the whisper of our soul.

Peggy is the founder of Courageous Journeys®, a practice of guiding people on their Journey of becoming deeply rooted and embodied through virtual 1:1 sessions and groups, online courses and workshops, and transformational healing retreats.