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Deeply Rooted Sisterhood

Connect + Heal + Embody

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August 13 - October 7, 2022

Healing from childhood trauma is a process of taking what you learn, internalizing it through consistent practice, and eventually embodying your wholeness in every day life.

This process and practice happens through connection. It cannot happen without it. You've likely tried many times on your own and think it must be something about you that keeps you from the healing you desire. It's not. I promise.

Deeply Rooted Sisterhood is the space... the container for connection, practice, learning, healing, and growing together.

To anyone who doubts to do a group with Peggy, I would say, please just try. I had come up with a ton of reasons a group could never work for me; too shy, can’t talk about this stuff, too different, not worth the attention etc. It all just came down to I am way too scared, but in a brave moment I gave it a try and I am so happy I did. Even initially when I was too scared to share anything, just being a part of the group made me see I was not as weird as I thought. And it really did get way less frightening. For me the group became a perfect mixture of challenging and comforting to help me move forward in my healing in way that I don’t think any other route could provide.By the way, I would never have believed any of this before trying. 😊


The Journey

8 weeks together in a private Facebook group

Prompts and practices to help you connect... with yourself and others (3x per week)

Live Q&A where you'll have an opportunity to ask any questions you have related to healing. You'll be able to submit questions if you can't join live and watch on replay. (2x per month)

If you've attended group with me before, you know there's a possibility I may add a bit more to the practices. 😉

 I've done a considerable amount of group work over many years of healing. I've gained something from all groups, this was the best group experience of all. Don't hesitate, Peggy is an exceptional facilitator and an amazing guide, mentor and supporter to support you on your healing journey! The safety and trust I felt will stay with me for a lifetime. 😊🙏❤


Is this journey for you?

If you're a womxn who's experienced childhood trauma, particularly sexual trauma, and are on your journey of healing, this group is for you. 😊

What if you've just started your journey or what if you've been on the journey a while?

No matter where you are on your journey, group healing can play a very important role. There are people who are pretty new to the process and people who've been on the journey most of their lives. As you continue on your healing journey, what you are able to integrate and internalize shifts. You might hear or experience something early on your journey that doesn't seem to "take hold" but, if you experience it again a few months or years later, it lands very differently.

These questions and the chances to reflect and dig in to the crevices I know I have created, the challenge and gentle pushes of Peggy, The Survivor Whisper to hear what was underlying what I said, to know there was more there.. 
This was the greatest group of people, not afraid to open their hearts to reach out... A week ago we may have never had any contact with each other. And Peggy, so open to let us see that she is no different than us... That she understands where we are, where we have been, and I know she gives me hope that the journey requires courage but is worth it.

Group Participant

Peggy Oliveira

Peggy Oliveira, MSW is a trauma therapist, author, mentor, survivor, and speaker. (Clinical License Retired)

Known as the Survivor Whisperer®, she weaves her story of impact & healing from childhood sexual abuse with her 20+ years as a trauma therapist and advocate to guide and inspire us to heal the lasting impact of childhood abuse and courageously step into the life we deserve.

Her soulful way of getting us to connect to our truth... pain, fears, dreams, and desires inspires us, with arms and hearts wide open, to look under the surface and honor the whisper of our soul.

Peggy is the founder of Courageous Journeys®, a practice of guiding people on their Journey of becoming deeply rooted and embodied through virtual 1:1 sessions and groups, online courses and workshops, and transformational healing retreats.