Journey to Understanding

One 90 minute individual session

I created this session for those who may not be ready to commit to a longer program or deeper work.

You can use this session in whatever way feels most beneficial to you.

We can explore how you've been impacted, best steps for healing, or for you to ask whatever questions you may have.

You may also choose this option if you'd like to have a session before committing to longer term work.

Please reach out before signing up to make sure we can find a time that works for you. 

Peggy Oliveira

Peggy Oliveira, MSW is a trauma therapist, author, mentor, survivor, and speaker. (Clinical License Retired)

Known as the Survivor Whisperer®, she weaves her story of impact & healing from childhood sexual abuse with her 20+ years as a trauma therapist and advocate to guide and inspire us to heal the lasting impact of childhood abuse and courageously step into the life we deserve.

Her soulful way of getting us to connect to our truth... pain, fears, dreams, and desires inspires us, with arms and hearts wide open, to look under the surface and honor the whisper of our soul.

Peggy is the founder of Courageous Journeys®, a practice of guiding people on their Journey of becoming deeply rooted and embodied through virtual 1:1 sessions and groups, online courses and workshops, and transformational healing retreats.

In such uncertain times globally, and amid our own personal struggles, Peggy created a safe haven in a stormy world. With this course, you have the invitation to take time for yourself to explore what boundaries could look like for you if you could create the life you would love. She gently encourages and equips you with the tools to explore where and why your boundaries need some reinforcement or some room.


What made this course great for me is that Peggy clearly outlined how boundary setting works in practice and why it is so hard to do. But more importantly, by well-timed journal prompts and the interactive Q&A sessions she enticed me to look at my own successes and failures with boundaries with different eyes. I think that a book or video can give you information on boundaries, but this course gives the tools to start doing something with it in your real life.  



Journey to Understanding

$337 USD

  • 90 Minute Individual Session

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