How Childhood Trauma Affects Mental Health

In recent years, mental health has become a widely discussed and prevalent topic. People are having more conversations around it, including sharing their own experiences. As a result, there is much more awareness and desire to learn more. This is great, on many levels. 

It reduces shame and stigma and opens the door for more people to heal.

However, some of the things you come across on the internet or social media are often either not accurate or missing some crucial information. 

In this video, I answer a question about the relationship between childhood trauma and mental illness.

When we experience childhood trauma, we are left to deal with the lasting impact on our lives. Although childhood trauma is not a mental illness, it affects us in different aspects of our being and ultimately our mental health.

It's important to remember that each of our journeys is unique and how we cope with childhood trauma can look different than others. But, no matter how different we are in the ways we react to our trauma, we have far more in common. Remember that healing is possible, and we heal together.

You can watch the video below or on YouTube by clicking HERE. If you prefer to listen as a podcast, you can do that HERE.

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