Episode 58: A Childhood Trauma Survivor’s Guide to Healing

Episode Description:

This episode originally aired on YouTube. 

Returning to Wholeness: a journey of learning to trust and embody the truth of who you've always been- LEARN MORE

As someone who has been through this healing process myself and now supports others on their journey, I really get the frustrations and self-criticism that can come when progress feels slow or nonexistent. That sense of judgment, disappointment and shame about not progressing how you think you "should" be - it's heartbreaking to witness, but also something I completely understand from my own experience.

In this episode, I share insights and practical guidance for navigating the complexities of healing from childhood trauma. From acknowledging the challenges to embracing the importance of self-compassion. I also introduce a new healing tool that can be very helpful in your healing journey.

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Episode Notes:

- Peggy discusses the challenges both survivors and helpers face in the healing journey from childhood trauma.
- She emphasizes the importance of experiencing healing rather than just understanding it cognitively.
- Peggy introduces the "Returning to Wholeness Journal Course," a self-paced resource aimed at aiding individuals in their healing journey.
- The course is structured into three sections: "Honoring My Path," "Nourishing Heart, Mind, Body, and Soul," and "Connecting Within."
- Peggy encourages gentleness and compassion towards oneself throughout the healing process and suggests that setbacks are natural and part of the learning and growth process.

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