Boundaries with challenging family relationships

Our families are supposed to be our first experience of safety and unconditional love. A place to trust that our needs are met.

Unfortunately, for so many people... likely most people reading this, there is some level of hurt or betrayal within the family system.

In these situations, setting boundaries is important for healing and overall well-being.

But, internal, societal, and cultural expectations can make this incredibly difficult.

Join me as I share thoughts on some things to consider as you navigate this part of your journey.

If you struggle with boundaries with family or in general, Sacred Boundaries is a self-paced course I created to help you understand what boundaries might be important for you, steps to take in creating them, and how to navigate the challenges that come with it, including guilt. Learn more here.

What came up for you as you watched? Is there anything you'd add to what I shared?

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