My trauma healing journey

Intimate podcast episodes where I share my experiences as a survivor of childhood trauma to help you on your own journey

The Unexpected in the Search for My Biological Father

In today’s episode,  I'm opening up about the unexpected journey this revelation has taken me on - the searching, the surprising revelations, and the complex emotions that have  more

Navigating Familiar Feelings as a Survivor of Childhood Trauma

In today’s episode,  I offer insights into the ongoing journey of healing, emphasizing that struggles are normal, and healing is about practicing self-compassion and mindfulness in those  more

Self-Acceptance: Learning to Embrace and Appreciate Things We Often Wish Were Different

In today’s episode,  I share my experience of finally being able to embrace and even honor parts of myself I often believed weren’t good  more

How Emotional Wounding Can Show Up In Unexpected Ways

In today’s episode,  I’m sharing an example of the reality that we are all wounded, whether from trauma or… life. And, how these wounds and the struggle around them can show up in a variety of ways and  more

Navigating Trauma Related Feelings Through the Healing Journey

In today’s episode, I share a piece of awareness that came about after reflecting on how something in my current life can bring up some not so great  more

Healing Childhood Trauma, Connection, and Resources

In today’s episode, I share a little re-introduction and share a bit about what I do and how we might be able to take this journey  more

The 911 call that began my journey of healing childhood trauma

In today’s episode, I share the story of how a journey I didn't even know was possible unfolded... from one of the most shameful days of my life to using my story and professional experience to connect with  more

The journey that led me here

In this first episode of the Courageous Journeys® Podcast, I share a brief introduction and the journey that led me to being here with you.. show  more

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