Impact of trauma & emotional wounding

Illuminating podcast episodes that explores the profound effects of trauma on our lives

Is your relationship harmful or healthy for your healing?

In today's episode, I talk about how to determine which type of relationship you are in and the factors to consider in making a decision to let go or to hold  more

How Childhood Trauma Affects Mental Health

In today’s episode, I answer a question about the relationship of childhood trauma and mental  more

The Many Masks of Childhood Trauma and How They Affect Healing

In today’s episode, I share more about how and why we wear the masks, the impact it has on our sense of self and our relationships, and how to begin to release the need to wear  more

How Healing Childhood Trauma Changes the Nature of Your Relationships

Relationships can be challenging for everyone. For survivors of childhood trauma there are additional factors that can make it more difficult to cultivate the relationships you desire… and  more

Embracing the Messy Middle Through the Journey of Healing Childhood Trauma

Navigating feelings, desires, needs, and decisions can be difficult for most people, at least at times. For many childhood trauma survivors, it can create significant anxiety and/or  more

Understanding the Complex Impact of Child Grooming

In today’s episode, I respond to a community member’s question about the self-blame that arises through the grooming  more

Layers of childhood trauma wounding & healing

In today’s episode, we discuss the layers of wounding and healing associated with childhood  more

Releasing the Burden of Self-Blame as Childhood Trauma Survivors

In today’s episode, we’ll dive deep into the layers of responsibility that childhood trauma survivors carry, extending far beyond the initial abuse or  more

Recognizing and releasing a significant source of shame for many childhood trauma survivors

In today’s episode, I talk about a source of shame that is rarely talked about. Though it is incredibly common and important to address on this healing  more

Impact of Childhood Trauma on Attachment

In today’s episode, I delve into the profound effects of childhood trauma on attachment bonds....
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