Impact of trauma & emotional wounding

Illuminating podcast episodes that explores the profound effects of trauma on our lives

Healing Childhood Trauma: Essential Insight for Lasting Freedom

In today’s episode, I'll share an important consideration that is often not talked about in healing. Something that, when ignored, can diminish the sense of freedom you’ve worked so hard for… that you’re so deserving of... show  more

Relational Trauma: Trust, Betrayal, and the Healing Process

In today’s episode, I'll share insights on how interpersonal trauma, especially when it comes from someone we trust, creates deep layers of hurt and healing... show  more

Boundaries for Survivors of Childhood Trauma - Navigating Guilt and Fear

In today’s episode, I’ll talk about how and why setting boundaries often feels so uncomfortable, sometimes even after you've done a lot of healing work... show  more

Navigating Trust and Safety as Survivors of Sexual Trauma - Bear VS Man

In today’s episode, I'll discuss how, regardless of history, we are shaped by experience, uncertainty, and fear and offer insight for navigating these complex  more

Myths and Misconceptions: What it means to be a survivor of childhood trauma

In today’s episode, I talk about the diverse realities of being a survivor of childhood trauma, shattering the notion of what society tends to  more

Mental Health Awareness: Normalizing Emotional Struggles after Childhood Trauma

In today’s episode, I talk about mental health vs mental illness (there should be no shame or stigma around either one) and the importance of starting with ourselves in releasing  more

The Complexities of Disclosing Childhood Trauma

In today’s episode, I share what might be going on when or if this happens and how to navigate through it, whether you’re the person disclosing or  more

Sexual Assault Awareness Month - Ending the Shame Together

In today’s episode I talk about the role of shame that survivors often carry, and how open conversations are key to shifting societal attitudes and creating true  more

Reclaiming Sexuality After Childhood Sexual Trauma

Today’s episode is a heartfelt conversation about something that impacts many lives but often stays in the shadows...impact and healing related to our connection to our bodies and  more

Overcoming Self-Doubt: Learning to Trust Yourself After Childhood Trauma 

In today’s episode I share my thoughts on something I heard that, on the surface, sounds quite empowering but, may cause some to move further away from trusting… and honoring  more

The Complex Link Between Empathy and Childhood Trauma Survivors

In today’s episode I talk about how empathy manifests in the lives of childhood trauma survivors and how it can become  more

What is the Right or Healthy Way to Feel About Someone Who Hurts You?

In today’s episode I share my thoughts on how to navigate some of these challenging feelings and what is “right” in how to  more

Grieving the Loss of Childhood for Survivors of Childhood Trauma

In today's episode, I share about why and how this is so impactful and what it means to grieve all you deserved to  more

Is your relationship harmful or healthy for your healing?

In today's episode, I talk about how to determine which type of relationship you are in and the factors to consider in making a decision to let go or to hold  more

How Childhood Trauma Affects Mental Health

In today’s episode, I answer a question about the relationship of childhood trauma and mental  more

The Many Masks of Childhood Trauma and How They Affect Healing

In today’s episode, I share more about how and why we wear the masks, the impact it has on our sense of self and our relationships, and how to begin to release the need to wear  more

How Healing Childhood Trauma Changes the Nature of Your Relationships

Relationships can be challenging for everyone. For survivors of childhood trauma there are additional factors that can make it more difficult to cultivate the relationships you desire… and  more

Embracing the Messy Middle Through the Journey of Healing Childhood Trauma

Navigating feelings, desires, needs, and decisions can be difficult for most people, at least at times. For many childhood trauma survivors, it can create significant anxiety and/or  more

Understanding the Complex Impact of Child Grooming

In today’s episode, I respond to a community member’s question about the self-blame that arises through the grooming  more

Layers of childhood trauma wounding & healing

In today’s episode, we discuss the layers of wounding and healing associated with childhood  more

Releasing the Burden of Self-Blame as Childhood Trauma Survivors

In today’s episode, we’ll dive deep into the layers of responsibility that childhood trauma survivors carry, extending far beyond the initial abuse or  more

Recognizing and releasing a significant source of shame for many childhood trauma survivors

In today’s episode, I talk about a source of shame that is rarely talked about. Though it is incredibly common and important to address on this healing  more

Impact of Childhood Trauma on Attachment

In today’s episode, I delve into the profound effects of childhood trauma on attachment bonds....
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